Abbeys and priories in Northern Ireland is a link page for any abbey, priory, friary or other religious house in Northern Ireland.

Abbreviations and Key

The sites listed are ruins unless indicated thus:-
* indicates current monastic function
+ indicates current non-monastic ecclesiastic function
^ indicates current non-ecclesiastic function
# indicates no identifiable trace of the monastic foundation remains
~ indicates exact site of monastic foundation unknown
Trusteeship denoted as follows:-
NM National Monument
Other abbreviations
trns transferred
rmv removed
c. circa (about)
ante before
post after

County Antrim

Foundation Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/Image
Bonamargy Friary, Ballycastle, Franciscan c1500, burned 1584(1589), repaired & re-occupied 1626-1642, restored 1931 (NM)  
Bonamargy Friary, Ballycastle
Carrickfergus Abbey# Franciscan 1248, Observant-Franciscan 1497-suppression, used as a munitions store, rebuilt as Joymont House, 1618    
Glenarm Friary Franciscan, site now occupied by St. Patrick's C.I. church    
Church Island monastery, Lough Beg      
Church Island Abbey, Lough Beg      
Portglenone Abbey Church* Cistercian, O.C.S.O.    Abbey of Our Lady of Bethlehem, Portglenone;
Templepatrick preceptory# town said to be named for a Knights Templar foundation    

County Armagh

Foundation Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/Image
Armagh Friary# Franciscan 1263/4-1551    
Kilnasaggart monastery# site occupied by the Kilnasaggart Stone    
Tynan Abbey Originally a mansion named 'Fairview', remodeled in the monastic-gothic style, it was always a private home.    

County Down

Foundation Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/Image
Ards Peninsula abbeys      
Bangor Abbey latterly Franciscan, site now incorporated into C.I. church  
Comber Abbey# Cistercian from Whitland 1200-1543, on the site of an earlier monastery founded by St Patrick, site now occupied by St Mary's C.I. church    
Downpatrick monastery# within the dun or ráth on which the C.I. Cathedral now stands    
Downpatrick Friary# Franciscan 1235, burned 1316, conventual -Reformation, Observant-Franciscan 1627-1650s    
Greyabbey Abbey Cistercian, rebuilt and served for a time as a parish church    
Inch Abbey Cistercian, on the site of an earlier monastery    
183149 c33bc7c5-by-Brian-Shaw
Magheralin monastery site occupied by remains of 15th-C church    
Movilla Abbey site occupied by 13-15th-C church  
Ruins Of Movilla Abbey
Nendrum Monastery, Mahee Island (Strangford Lough) Patrician from 6th century, burned 10th century, in late 12th century a small Benedictine cell, by 1306 a parish church, abandoned 15th century    
Newry monastery Patrician    
Newry Abbey Cistercian    
Newtownards Friary Dominican    
Portaferry monastery# site thought to be now occupied by two small churches    

County Fermanagh

Foundation Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name
Devenish Island Abbey, Lough Erne Augustinian Devenish Island Priory The Abbey Church of Saint Mary, Devenish Island
Lisgoole Abbey# Augustinian Canons Regular c1145-1583, Franciscan 1583-1598, 1616-ante1811, built on site of early monastery (below)   The Abbey Church of Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Mary, Lisgoole
Lisgoole monastery# site later occupied by Augustinian priory (above)   The monastery of Saint Aid, Lisgoole
White Island monastery? attempts made to identify this location as being Eo-inis monastery    

County Londonderry

Foundation Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name
Ballykelly monastery? site now occupied by remains of a church destroyed 1641    
Derry monastery      

Derry: possible Franciscan Friary, traditionally in Waterside and Ardmore area

County Tyrone

Foundation Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name
Ardboe monastery 10thC    
Clogher monastery site now occupied by C.I. cathedral    
Donaghmore monastery ancient monastery (NM)    
Dromore Abbey Cistercian, said to be on site of ancient nunnery    
Dromore Friary~ Franciscan 1637-c1717    
Dungannon Friary Franciscan 1687-1817 Donaghmore Friary  
Errigal Keeroge monastery      
Priory of Our Lady of Benburb* Servite, a mansion in the demesne of Benburb Castle    

Strabane: some evidence of a small Franciscan Friary east of the town 1660s-18thC


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