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This is a list of Romanian saints.

Hierarchs and priests

  • Hieromartyr Antim the Ivirian, (Sfântul Ierarh Martir Antim Ivireanul), (1650-1716), feast day on September 27
  • Bretranion, Bishop of Tomis (Sfântul Bretranion, Episcopul Tomisului), (†381), feast day on January 25
  • Calinic of Cernica, Bishop of Râmnic, (Sfântul Ierarh Calinic de la Cernica, Episcopul Râmnicului), (October 7, 1787 – April 11, 1868), feast day on April 11
  • Hieromartyr Evangelicus of Tomis, feast day on July 7
  • Ghelasie of Râmeţ Monastery, Archbishop of Transylvania, (Sfântul Ierarh Ghelasie de la Mânăstirea Râmeţ, Arhiepiscopul Transilvaniei), (14th century), feast day on June 30
  • Hieromartyr Irineu, Bishop of Sirmium, (Sfântul Ierarh Martyr Irineu, Episcopul Sirmiumului), (†304), feast day on April 6
  • Pahomie of Gledin, Bishop of Rome, (Sfântul Ierarh Pahomie, Episcopul Romanului), (1671-1724), feast day on April 14
  • Confessor Elijah Iorest, Metropolitan of Ardeal, (Sfântul Ierarh Mărturisitor Ilie Iorest, Mitropolitul Transilvaniei (Ardeal)), (†1678), feast day on April 24
  • Joseph the Confessor, Bishop of Maramureş, (Sfântul Iosif Mărturisitorul, Episcopul Maramureşului), (1690-~1711), feast day on April 24
  • Joseph the New of Partoş Monastery, Metropolitan of Timişoara, (Sfântul Ierarh Iosif cel Nou de la Mânăstirea Partoş, Mitropolit al Timişoarei), (1568-1656), feast day on September 15
  • Theotim, Bishop of Tomis, (Sfântul Ierarh Teotim, Episcopul Tomisului), (4th century), feast day on April 20
  • Confessor Sava Brancovici, Metropolitan of Ardeal (Transylvania), (Sfântul Ierarh Mărturisitor Sava Brancivici, Mitropolitul Ardealului) (†1683), feast day on April 24
  • Priest-Confessor John of Galeş, (Preotul Mârturisitor Ioan din Galeş), (18th century), feast day on October 21
  • Gregory IV, the Teacher, Metropolitan of Ţara Românească, (Sfântul Ierarh Grigorie IV Dacălul, Mitropolitul Tării Românesti), (1765-1834), feast day on June 22
  • Niceta, Bishop of Remesiana, (Sfântul Ierarh Niceta, Episcopul de Remesiana), (5th century), feast day on June 24
  • Leontie, Bishop of Rădăuţi, (Sfântul Ierarh Leontie, Episcop de Rădăuţi), (14th century), feast day on July 1
  • Priest-Confessor Moses Măcinic of Sibiel, (Preotul Mărturisitor Moise Măcinic, din Sibiel), (18th century), feast day on October 21
  • Niphon, Patriarch of Constantinople and Metropolitan of Ţara Românească, (Sfântul Ierarh Nifon, Patriarhul Constantinopolului şi Mitropolit al Tări Româneşti), (~1437-1508), feast day on August 11
  • Peter Mogila, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Rus, (Sfântul Ierarh Petru Movilă, Mitropolit de Kiev si a Toată Rusia), (1596-1647), feast day on December 22


  • Venerable Antipa of Calapodeşti, Mount Athos and Valaam Monastery. (Sfântul Antipa de la Calapodeşti, Muntele Athos şi Mânăstirea Valaam). (1816-1882). Feast day on January 10
  • Venerable Anthony of Iezeru Monastery, Vâlcea country. (Sfântul Cuvios Antonie de la Iezeru Vâlcea). (†1714). Feast day on November 23
  • Venerable George of Cernica Monastery. (Sfântul Cuvios Gheorghe de la Mânăstirea Cernica). (1730–1806). Feast day on December 3
  • Venerable Daniel the Hermit. (Sfântul Cuvios Daniil (Daniel) Sihastrul). (15th century). Feast day on December 18
  • Venerable Dimitrie the New of Basarabi. (Sfântul Cuvios Dimitrie cel Nou, Basarabov). (13th century). Feast day on September 27
  • Dosoftei, Metropolitan of Moldavia. (Sfântul Ierarh Dosoftei, Mitropolitul Moldovei). (1624-1693). Feast day on December 13
  • Venerable Gregory the Decapolit. (Sfântul Cuvios Grigorie Decapolitul). (~785-842). Feast day on November 20
  • Venerable Germanus of Dobrogea. Sfântul Gherman din Dobrogea). (368-415). Feast day on February 29
  • Venerable John Iacob the Romanian (the Hozevite). (Sfântul Cuvios Ioan Iacob Românul (Hozevitul)). (1913-1960). Feast day on August 5
  • Venerable John Cassian the Romanian. (Sfântul Cuvios Ioan Casian Românul). (360-435). Feast day on February 29
  • Venerable John the New of Prislop Monastery. (Sfântul Cuvios Ioan cel Nou de la Mânăstirea Prislop). Feast day on September 13
  • Venerable Nicodim of Tismana. (Sfântul Nicodim cel Sfinţit de la Tismana). (1320-1406). Feast day on December 26
  • Venerable Onufrie of Vorona. (Sfântul Onufrie de la Vorona).(18th century). Feast day on September 9
  • Venerable Paraschiva of Iaşi. (Sfânta Cuvioasă Paraschiva de la Iaşi). (1025-1050). Feast day on October 14
  • Venerable Paisios Velicikovski of Neamţ. (Sfântul Paisie Velicikovski de la Neamţ). (1722-1794). Feast day on November 15
  • Venerable Confessor Sofronie of Cioara. (Sfântul Mărturisitor Sofronie de la Cioara). (18th century). Feast day on October 21
  • Stephen the Great. ( Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt ). (1433-1504). Feast day on July 2
  • Venerable Theodora from Carpathia, of Sihla. (Sfânta Teodora din Carpaţi, Sihla). (17th century). Feast day on August 7
  • Venerable Basil of Poiana Mărului. (Sfântul Cuvios Vasile de la Poiana Mărului). (1692-1767). Feast day on April 15
  • Venerable Visarion the Confessor. (Cuviosul Mărturisitor Visarion Sarai Ieromonahul). (18th century). Feast day on October 21


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