This list of Catholic artists concerns artists known largely or primarily for works of Roman Catholic religious art, a subset of Christian art in general. It may also include artists whose position as a Roman Catholic priest or missionary was vital to their artistic works or development. Because of the title it's preferred that in least some of their artwork be in Catholic churches.

Note that this is not a list of all artists who have ever been members of the Roman Catholic Church. Please do not add entries here without providing support for those artists having specifically Roman Catholic artistic themes in their art, or having Roman Catholicism as a major aspect in their careers as artists.

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Fra Angelico 052

Painting of St. Dominic by beatified artist Fra Angelico

Egino Weinert, is a master in the field of sacred gold smithery, as well as a painter and sculptor. He has consigned pieces of art for Cathedrals and Churches throughout the world and is a favorite of John Paul II. Several of Mr. Weinert’s original enamel works may be seen in the Galleria Moderna of the Vatican Museum

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