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The following list are the majority of known species in the bluing/psychoactive clade of Psilocybe.:

  • Psilocybe acutipilea (Speg.) Guzmán, psychoactive
  • Psilocybe aequatoriae Singer, psychoactive
  • Psilocybe angustipleurocystidiata Guzmán, psychoactive
  • Psilocybe antioquiensis Guzmán, Saldarr., Pineda, G. Garcia & L.-F. Velazquez, psychoactive
  • Psilocybe atlantis Guzmán, Hanlin & C. White, psychoactive
  • Psilocybe aquamarina (Pegler) (aka Stropharia aquamarina Pegler), psychoactive
  • Psilocybe arcana Borovicka & Hlavacek, psychoactive
  • Psilocybe argentipes K. Yokoy., psychoactive
  • Psilocybe armandii Guzmán & S.H. Pollock, psychoactive
  • Psilocybe aucklandii Guzmán , C.C. King & Bandala, psychoactive
  • Psilocybe australiana Guzmán & Watling, psychoactive
  • Psilocybe aztecorum R. Heim
  • Psilocybe aztecorum var. bonetii (Guzman) Guzmán (aka P. bonetii Guzmán )
  • Psilocybe azurescens Stamets & Gartz
  • Psilocybe baeocystis Singer & A.H. Smith
  • Psilocybe banderiliensis Guzmán
  • Psilocybe barrerae Cifuentes & Guzmán
  • Psilocybe bispora Guzman, Franco-Molano and Ramírez-Guillén
  • Psilocybe bohemica Sebek ex Sebek (syn. Hypholoma coprinifacies (Rolland) Herink ss. Herink)
  • Psilocybe brasiliensis Guzmán
  • P. brunneocystidiata Guzmán & Horak
  • P. caeruleoannulata Singer ex Guzmán
  • P. caerulescens Murrill var. caerulescens (aka P. caerulescens var. 'albida R. Heim; P. caerulescens var. mazatecorum R. Heim; P. mazatecorum R. Heim; P. caerulescens var. nigripes R. Heim)
  • P. caerulescens var. ombrophila (R. Heim) Guzmán (aka P. caerulescens var. mazatecorum, P. ombrophila R. Heim; P. mixaeensis R. Heim)
  • P. caerulipes (Peck) Sacc.
  • P. carbonaria Singer
  • P. caribaea Guzmán, T.J. Baroni & Tapia
  • P. chiapanensis Guzmán
  • P. collybioides Singer & A.H. Smith
  • P. columbiana Guzmán
  • P. coprinifacies (Rolland) Pouzar s. auct., non s. Herink, non s. Krieglsteiner (see discussion)
  • P. cordispora R. Heim
  • P. cubensis (Earle) Singer (aka Stropharia cubensis Earle; P. cubensis var. caerulescens (Murrill) Singer & A.H. Smith; S. subcyanescens Rick; S. cyanescens Murrill; S. caerulescens (Pat.) Singer]
  • P. cyanescens Wakef. (non sensu Krieglsteiner)
  • P. cyanofibrillosa Guzmán & Stamets
  • P. dumontii Singer ex Guzmán
  • P. egonii Guzmán & T.J. Baroni
  • P. eucalypta Guzmán & Watling
  • P. fagicola R. Heim & Cailleux
  • P. farinacea Rick ex Guzmán (aka P. albofimbriata (Rick) Singer)
  • P. fimetaria (P.D. Orton) Watling (aka P. caesieannulata Singer; Stropharia fimetaria P.D. Orton)
  • P. fuliginosa (Murrill) A.H. Smith
  • P. furtadoana Guzmán
  • P. galindoi Guzmán (aka P. galindii Guzmán )
  • P. goniospora (Berk. & Broome) Singer (aka P. lonchophora (Berk. Broome) Horak ex Guzmán )
  • P. graveolens Peck
  • P. guatapensis Guzmán, Saldarriaga, Pineda, Garcia & Velazquez
  • P. guilartensis Guzmán, Tapia & Nieves-Rivera
  • P. heimii Guzmán
  • P. heliconiae Guzmán, Saldarriaga, Pineda, Garcia & Velazquez
  • P. herrerae Guzmán
  • P. hispanica Guzmán
  • P. hoogshagenii R. Heim var. hoogshagenii (aka P. caerulipes var. gastonii Singer; P. zapotecorum R. Heim s. Singer)
  • P. hoogshagenii R. Heim var. convexa Guzmán (aka P. semperviva R. Heim & Cailleux)
  • P. inconspicua Guzmán & Horak
  • P. indica Sathe & J.T. Daniel
  • P. isabelae Guzmán
  • P. jacobsii Guzmán
  • P. jaliscana Guzmán
  • P. kumaenorum R. Heim
  • P. laurae Guzmán
  • P. lazoi Singer (this is a doubtful neurotropic species, considered first by Guzmán (1983) as a synonym of P. zapotecorum, but Singer, 1986, claimed that this is a not bluing fungus independent of that of Guzmán, 1983]
  • P. liniformans Guzmán & Bas var. liniformans
  • P. liniformans var. americana Guzmán & Stamets
  • P. mairei Singer (aka Hypholoma cyanescens Maire; Geophila cyanescens (Maire) Kuhner & Romagn.; non P. cyanescens s. Krieglsteiner]
  • P. makarorae Johnst. & Buchanan
  • P. mammillata (Murrill) A.H. Smith
  • P. meridensis Guzmán
  • P. meridionalis Guzmán, Ram.-Guill. & Guzm.-Dáv.
  • P. mescaleroensis Guzmán, Walstad, E. Gándara & Ram.-Guill.
  • P. mexicana R. Heim
  • P. moravica Borovicka
  • P. moravica var. sternberkiana Borovicka
  • P. moseri Guzmán
  • P. muliercula Singer & A.H. Smith (aka P. wassonii R. Heim)
  • P. natalensis Gartz, Reid, Smith & Eicker
  • P. natarajanii Guzmán (aka P. aztecorum var. bonetii (Guzman) Guzmán s. Natarajan & Raman]
  • P. ochreata (Berk. & Broome) Horak ex Guzmán
  • P. ovoideocystidiata Guzmán & Gaines
  • P. papuana Guzmán & Horak
  • P. paulensis (Guzmán & Bononi) Guzmán (aka P. banderiliensis var. paulensis Guzmán & Bononi)
  • P. pelliculosa (A.H. Smith) Singer & A.H. Smith
  • P. pericystis Singer
  • P. pintonii Guzmán
  • P. pleurocystidiosa Guzmán
  • P. plutonia (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Sacc.
  • P. portoricensis Guzmán, Tapia & Nieves-Rivera
  • P. pseudoaztecorum Natarajan & Raman (aka P. aztecorum var. aztecorum sensu Natarajan & Raman; "P. subaztecorum"Guzmán , 1995)
  • P. puberula Bas & Noordel.
  • P. quebecensis Ola'h & R. Heim
  • P. ramulosa (Guzmán & Bononi) Guzmán (aka P. zapotecorum var. ramulosum Guzmán & Bononi)
  • P. rickii Guzmán & Cortez
  • P. rostrata (Petch) Pegler
  • P. rzedowskii Guzmán
  • P. samuiensis Guzmán , Bandala & Allen
  • P. sanctorum Guzmán
  • P. schultesii Guzmán & S.H. Pollock
  • P. semiinconspicua Guzmán & J. M. Trappe
  • P. semilanceata (Fr. : Secr.) P. Kumm. (aka P. semilanceata var. caerulescens (Cooke) Sacc.: P. cookei Singer; non P. callosa (Fr. : Fr.) Quel., which is P. strictipes Singer & A.H. Smith]
  • P. septentrionalis (Guzman) Guzmán (aka P. subaeriginascens Hohn. var. septentrionalis Guzmán )
  • P. serbica Moser & Horak (non ss. Krieglsteiner)
  • P. sierrae Singer (aka P. subfimetaria Guzmán & A.H. Sm.)
  • P. silvatica (Peck) Singer & A.H. Smith
  • P. singerii Guzmán
  • P. strictipes Singer & A.H. Smith (aka P. callosa (Fr. : Fr.) Quel. s.Guzmán , 1983; P. semilanceata var. obtusa Bon; P. semilanaceata var. microspora Singer ?]
  • P. stuntzii Guzmán & Ott
  • P. subacutipilea Guzmán , Saldarriaga, Pineda, Garcia & Velazquez
  • P. subaeruginascens Hohn. var. subaeruginascens (aka P. aerugineo-maculans (Hohn.) Singer & A.H. Smith]
  • P. subaeruginosa Cleland
  • P. subbrunneocystidiat P.S. Silva & Guzmán
  • P. subcaerulipes Hongo
  • P. subcubensis Guzmán
  • P. subpsilocybioides Guzmán, Lodge & S.A. Cantrell
  • P. subtropicalis Guzmán
  • P. subyungensis Guzmán
  • P. subzapotecorum Guzmán
  • P. tampanensis Guzmán & S.H. Pollock
  • P. tasmaniana Guzmán & Watling
  • P. uruguayensis Singer ex Guzmán
  • P. uxpanapensis Guzmán
  • P. venenata (S. Imai) Imaz. & Hongo (aka P. fasciata Hongo; Stropharia caerulescens S. Imai)
  • P. veraecrucis Guzmán & Perez-Ortiz
  • P. villarrealiae Guzmán
  • P. wassoniorum Guzmán & S.H. Pollock
  • P. wayanadensis K.A. Thomas, Manim. & Guzmán
  • P. weilii Guzmán, Tapia & Stamets
  • P. weldenii Guzmán
  • P. wrightii Guzmán
  • P. xalapensis Guzmán & A. Lopez
  • P. yungensis Singer & A.H. Smith (aka P. yungensis var. diconica Singer & A.H. Smith; P. yungensis var. acutopapillata Singer & A.H. Smith; P. isaurii Singer; P. acutissima R. Heim)
  • P. zapotecoantillarum Guzmán, T.J. Baroni & Lodge
  • P. zapotecocaribaea Guzmán, Ram.-Guill. & T.J. Baroni
  • P. zapotecorum R. Heim emend. Guzmán (aka P. aggericola Singer & A.H. Smith)

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