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The Patriarch of Assyria, also called the Assyrian Patriarch, is the leader and head bishop of the Assyrian Church of the East, formerly based in Mosul, Iraq, and now in exile in Chicago.

Catholicoi of Seleucie-Ctesiphon and Patriarchs of the East

The decrees of the Council of Ephesus in 431 are not accepted by the Church of the East, causing a schism between it and the Pentarchy.

(With Mar Theodossious, the Patriachate transferred to Baghdad.)

(With Mar Yab-Alaha, the Patriachate transferred to Tabriz.)

(With Mar Shimun II, the Patriachate transferred to Mosul.)

(With Mar Shimun VII, the Patriachate transferred to Alqosh.)

In 1552 a rival Catholic Patriarch was elected, see Catholic Chaldean Patriarchs of Babylon.

In 1610 Mar Eliyya VIII, entered communion with the Catholic Church. This created a situation in which there are two rival claimants approved by Rome, in one see. He died however in 1617 and his successor quickly repudiated the union.

From Patriarchs Eliyya X to Eliyya XIII, attempts where made to resolve the schism and enter communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

In 1804 the Assyrian Church in Alqosh under Patriarch Yohannan VIII Hormizd decided to enter in Communion with Rome, merging with the Catholic "Josephite" line of Amid and thus forming the modern Chaldean Catholic Church.

In 1681 Mar Shimun XIII Denkha (based in Qochanis) broke communion with Rome and a rival Chaldean Patriarch was appointed by the Vatican.

(With Mar Shimun XIII Dinkha, the Patriachate transferred to Mosul.)

(With Mar Shimun XXIII (XXI) Eshai, the Patriachate was in exile in Chicago, Illinois, USA.)

During reign of Mar Shimun XXIII, in 1964, a schism appeared in the Assyrian Church of the East causing the establishment of a separate Ancient Church of the East with its center in Baghdad in 1968 and a rival catholicos-patriarch Mar Thoma Darmo assigned, while Mar Shimun XXIII continued as the official head of the Assyrian Church of the East. The rift was healed in 1995, thanks to H. H. Mar Khanania Dinkha IV, though a small group continues to follow the Ancient Church of the East as separated from the main body of the Church of the East.

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