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List of Orthodox Archbishops of Finland

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List of Ecumenical Patriarchate Greek Orthodox Archbishops of Karelia and all Finland, primates of the Finnish Orthodox Church:

  • Antonij [Anthony] (Vadkovsky) Archbishop (1892-1898)
  • Nikolaij [Nikolai](Nalimov) Archbishop (1899-1905)
  • Sergij [Sergius] (Stragorodsky) Archbishop (1905-1917)
  • Serafim (Lukjanov) Archbishop (1921-1923)
  • Herman (Aav) Archbishop (1925-1 Jul 1960)
  • Paavali [Paul] (Olmari) (1914-1987) Archbishop (29 Aug 1960-1987)
  • Johannes [John] (Rinne) Archbishop (15 Oct 1987-1 Oct 2001)
  • Leo (Makkonen) (1948-) Archbishop (25 Oct 2001-present)


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