This is a list of traditional Hebrew place names. This list includes:

  • Places involved in the history (and beliefs) of Canaanite religion, Abrahamic religion and Hebrew culture and the (pre-Modern or directly associated Modern) Hebrew (and intelligible Canaanite) names given to them.
  • Places whose official names include a (Modern) Hebrew form.
  • Places whose names originate from the Hebrew language.

All names are in the Hebrew alphabet with niqqud, and academically transliterated into Tiberian vocalization (of the Masoretic Text) and Standard Hebrew.



Template:Hbralef Álef

Template:Hbrbet Bet

Template:Hbrgimel Gímel

Template:Hbrdalet Dálet

Template:Hbrhe He

Template:Hbrvav Vav

Template:Hbrzayin Záyin

Template:Hbrhet Ḥet

Template:Hbrtet Tet

Template:Hbryod Yod

Template:Hbrkaf Kaf

Template:Hbrlamed Lámed

Template:Hbrmem Mem

Template:Hbrnun Nun

Template:Hbrsamekh Sámekh

Template:Hbrayin ʻÁyin

Template:Hbrpe Pe

Template:Hbrzadi Ẓadi

Template:Hbrqof Qof

Template:Hbrresh Reš

Template:Hbrshin Šin, Sin

Template:Hbrtav Tav

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