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This is primarily a list of notable people who contributed to the history of Eastern Orthodox Christianity's theology or culture. However it is also for people whose Eastern Orthodox identity is an important part of their notability. As there are many nations that are predominantly Eastern Orthodox names from such nations should usually meet a stricter standard, but in the case of converts their conversion might be notable enough to make an exception.






Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovitch - Conductor, National Symphony, Cellist




Modern Politicians

Note: Most political figures in the Byzantine Empire, or most other Medieval Eastern European Empires, would be in least nominally Eastern Orthodox. Therefore this is limited to modern times, specifically after 1800. For United States entries Political Graveyard was used for this section, but additional sources are encouraged.

The list is not complete; the vast majority of politicians in countries such as Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Serbia and others are Eastern Orthodox.

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Theologians and Clergy

Gregory Thaumaturgus

Gregory the Wonderworker, an early bishop of Neocaesarea.

Fools for Christ



On the politics section the main source is Political Graveyard: Eastern Orthodox Politicians.

For other sections Famous Adherents Eastern Orthodox Christians and were used. As these are unreliable additional searches on each individual were used for verification.

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