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This is an alphabetical list of Dutch people who have been identified as atheists. The people on this list have either expressed disbelief in God or gods, have self-confirmed being an atheist or have been identified as such by a reliable source.

While definitions of atheism may vary, a typical atheist is someone who has made a conscious decision that (s)he does not believe in any form of deity. [1] It's a popular misconception that all atheists deny the existence of God or gods. While a miniority of them certainly do, most atheists would strongly disagree with this definition: they don't entirely reject the concept "God", but would rather argue that the term God has no importance, and possibly no meaning to them. [2] The distinction is made between lack of belief in god(s) or weak atheism and denial of the existence of god(s) or strong atheism. Weak atheism should not be confused with agnosticism. An agnostic is in this case an individual who claims to have no opinion about God. [3]

The Netherlands, a secular Western European country, has witnessed a strong decline of the old religious establishment. Membership and religious attendance have dropped dramatically since the late fifties. Worst hit are the mainstream Protestant churches, whose membership declined from 23 per cent in the late fifties to six per cent in 2007. According to government estimations this percentage could drop as low as two per cent by 2020. The Catholic church will likely face another decade of decline before levelling off around 2020. The Roman Catholic population dropped from 42 per cent in 1958 to 17 in 2007 and now facing a fall to as low as 10 per cent. In spite of these figures, the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) finds the number of self-described Christians has stopped declining since the nineties. As of 2005, a small majority of the Dutch population (52 per cent), still called itself Christian. These figures are disputed by another government research body, the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP), which has maintained a 40 per cent figure since the early nineties. [4] While 48,4 [5] per cent is irreligious, the actual percentage of atheists in The Netherlands may be 14, [6], 39 [7], 42 [8] or 44, making it the 14th most atheistic country in the world. [7]


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  17. Humanistische Omroep, Link to video interview with Elsbeth Etty Quote: (Translation) “God doesn't exist, thank God.” “I think the world would be better off without God and religion. I just don't if the people could handle it.” (Dutch) “God bestaat godzijdank niet” “Ik denk dat de wereld veel beter zou functioneren dan die nu functioneert als er geen god en geen geloof zou zijn. Ik weet alleen niet of de mensen dat zullen aankunnen.”
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  22. "Kort geding om 'God bestaat niet'" (in Dutch). Katholiek Nederland. 2005-06-03. Retrieved 2008-05-22. “Believers are all over the world allowed to poison the minds of their children with their mentality and conviction through raising and educating.”
  23. Fogteloo, Margreet (2001-12-22). "«Er is geen verband tussen altruïsme en God» → Interview Ronald Plasterk" (in Dutch). Groene. Retrieved 2008-05-22. “God in politics is fatal.” “When I meet an intelligent yet strongly religious person, I ask myself: don't you realise you've been conditioned to believe? If you were born in the next village, you would attend another church, defend a different truth.”
  24. "God bestaat niet" (in Dutch). Positief Atheïsme. 2005-06-07. Retrieved 2008-05-22. “Blasphemy is also a pleasant way of living.”
  25. Humanistische Omroep, Link to video interview with Hans Teeuwen Quote: (Translation) “I don't think God exists, but He has been made up. And because He has been made up, I believe I have the freedom to do whatever I want with the phenomenon "God". In other words, God is my slave, just like Muhammed is my slave.” (Dutch) “God ja, God eh, ik denk niet dat God bestaat, maar hij is wel bedacht. En omdat ie bedacht is denk ik dat het mij vrijstaat met het fenomeen “God” te doen zoals het mij goeddunkt. Met andere woorden, God is mijn slaaf, zoals Mohammed ook mijn slaaf is.”
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