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  • Anat, Virgin goddess of War and Strife, mate and sister of Ba'al Hadad
  • Asherah walker of the sea, Mother Goddess, wife of El (also known as Elat)
  • Astarte, possibly androgynous divinity associated with Venus
  • Baalat or Baalit, the wife or female counterpart of Baal (also Belili)
  • Ba'al Hadad, storm God, superseded El as head of the Pantheon
  • Baal-Hammon, god of fertility and renewer of all energies in the Phoenician colonies of the Western Mediterranean
  • Dagon, god of crop fertility, father of Hadad (usually).
  • El Elyon (i.e. God most high) and El
  • Eshmun or Baalat Asclepius, god of healing (or goddess)
  • Kotharat
  • Kathirat, goddesses of marriage and pregnancy
  • Kothar, Hasis, the skilled, god of craftsmanship
  • Lotan, serpent ally of evil,Yam
Gebel el-Arak Knife back side

El depicted with two lions representing the planet Venus on the back of the handle of the Gebel el-Arak Knife


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