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This list is intended as a quick reference for locations mentioned in The Book of Mormon.

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  • City of Aaron, Alma's planned destination after rejection in Ammonihah
  • Ablom, Refuge for Omer and his Family
  • Plains of Agosh, Jaredite battle area
  • Aiath, Also known as Ai, possibly Et-Tell
  • Wilderness of Akish, Jaredite Refuge and Battle Area
  • Valley of Alma, Rest stop for Alma and his Followers
  • City of Ammonihah, Wicked Nephite City, 'Desolation of Nehors'
  • Hill Amnihu, Site of the Initial Amlicite Strike
  • Land of Amulon, Settled by Amulon and priests, between Zarahemla and Nephi
  • Anathoth, Levite city near old Jerusalem
  • Angola, Retreat for Mormon's Army
  • Ani-Anti, Lamanite village visited by Nephite Missionaries
  • Land of Antionum, Home of the Zoramites, visited by Nephite Missionaries
  • Antiparah, City captured by the Lamanites and Regained by Helaman and Antipus
  • Mount Antipas, Gathering place for Lehonti and the peaceful Lamanites
  • Land of Antum, Northern Land visited by Mormon and Ammoron
  • Arpad, City in Northwest Syria, currently called Tell Rif'at
  • Assyria, Hostile Country in western Asia


  • Babylon, Capital of Babylonia, in southwest Asia
  • Bashan, Country east of the Jordan river
  • Bethabara, Place on the east bank of the Jordan, where John was baptizing
  • Boaz, Nephite retreat and battle ground
  • City of Bountiful, Major Nephite city in the northeastern quadrant
  • Land of Bountiful1, Area in southern Arabia, near sea
  • Land of Bountiful2, Nephite territory north of Zarahemla


  • Calno, Possibly town near Babylon
  • Carchemish, Middle Eastern Land
  • Chaldea, Hellenistic designation for a part of Babylonia
  • City by the Sea, Nephite city on the west coast
  • Hill Comnor, Hill near Valley of Shur
  • Land and Valley of Corihor, Military Campground of the Army of Shiz
  • City of Cumeni, Nephite city fought for by Helaman
  • Hill Cumorah, Meeting place for battle, record depository


  • Damascus, Capitol of Syria
  • Land of David, Nephite land on the West Coast
  • City of Desolation, Northern Nephite City
  • Land of Desolation, North of the land Bountiful


  • Garden of Eden, Original Home of Adam and Eve
  • Edom, Arid region in southwest Israel
  • Egypt, Land of Israel's captivity
  • Elam, One of the oldest recorded civilizations
  • Hill Ephraim, Hill in the Northern Region


  • Land of First Inheritance, Near the Lehites' original landing point


  • City of Gad, City destroyed at the crucifixion
  • City of Gadiandi, City destroyed at the crucifixion
  • City of Gadiomnah, City destroyed at the crucifixion
  • Gallim, Probably in Benjamin, to the north of Jerusalem.
  • Geba, Levitical city of Benjamin
  • Gebim, Small place north of Jerusalem
  • City of Gid, City invaded by Lamanites and used as a prison camp to detain Nephites
  • City of Gideon, Suburb of Zarahemla, location of battle, preaching, and other events
  • Land and Valley of Gideon, East of river Sidon
  • City of Gilgal, City destroyed at the crucifixion
  • Valley of Gilgal, Jaredite battle region
  • City of Gimgimno, City destroyed at the crucifixion
  • Gomorrah, Wicked City of the Old World


  • Hagoth, Hagoth's Shipbuilding Site
  • Hamath, Syrian city
  • Land of Helam, Land inhabited by people of Alma1
  • Hermounts, Wilderness on west and north
  • Plains of Heshlon, Battleground of Coriantum and Shared
  • Land of Heth, Land in the Northern Region
  • Horeb, Mountains on the Sinai Peninsula


  • Irreantum, Probably an arm of Indian Ocean off southeastern Arabia
  • Land of Ishmael, Portion of land of Nephi
  • Israel, The Promised Land of Moses' People


  • City of Jacob, City destroyed at the crucifixion
  • Jacobugath, City of followers of Jacob4
  • City and Land of Jashon, Nephite retreat near Ammoron's record burial site
  • Land of Jershon, Land on east by sea, south of land Bountiful
  • Jerusalem1, Chief city of Jews and surrounding area
  • Jerusalem2, Lamanite city and land in land of Nephi
  • Jordan River, River in Palestine
  • City of Jordan, Nephite retreat maintained by Mormon
  • City of Josh, City destroyed at the crucifixion
  • Land of Joshua, Land in borders west, by seashore
  • Judah, Southern kingdom of Israelites
  • City of Judea, Nephite city


  • City of Kishkumen, Wicked city destroyed at the crucifixion


  • Laish, Northernmost town of the Kingdom of Israel
  • City of Laman, City destroyed at the crucifixion
  • River Laman, River emptying into Red Sea
  • Lebanon, Middle Eastern Country
  • City of and Land of Lehi1, Land adjoining land of Morianton and containing city of Lehi
  • Land of Lehi2, Apparently the entire land south
  • City of and Land of Lehi-Nephi, Also called land of Nephi, of which it is a part
  • City of Lemuel, Lamanite city
  • Valley of Lemuel, Lehite campsite near borders of Red Sea


  • Madmenah, Town in Benjamin, north of Jerusalem
  • City of Manti, Chief city in land of Manti
  • Hill of Manti, Near city of Zarahemla
  • Land of Manti, Most southerly land of Nephites
  • Melek, Nephite land west of Sidon
  • Michmash, Town of Benjamin east of Bethel
  • Middoni, Lamanite land, location of Lamanite prison
  • Land of Midian, Lamanite land east of Lehi-Nephi
  • Migron, Small place north of Jerusalem
  • Minon, Nephite land on west bank of river Sidon
  • Moab, Land of the Moabites, Israelite rivals
  • City of Mocum, City destroyed at the crucifixion
  • Moriancumer, Mesopotamian costal region
  • City of and Land of Morianton, Area settled by Morianton2
  • Moriantum, Nephite area
  • Forest of Mormon, Near waters of Mormon
  • Place of Mormon, Region near city of Lehi-Nephi
  • Waters of Mormon, Baptismal waters for over 200 Nephites
  • Land of Moron, North of the great land of Desolation
  • Moroni's Camp, Nephite Military Post
  • City of and Land of Moroni, In southeast of Nephite lands
  • City of Moronihah, Iniquitous Nephite city
  • City of Mulek, Nephite city south of Bountiful


  • Nahom, Place in Arabian desert
  • Land of Naphtali, Israelite Territory
  • Narrow Neck of Land, Isthmus separating the main land from the land Northward
  • Nazareth, City of Christ's childhood
  • City of Nehor, Battleground for Corihor and Shule
  • City of Nephi, City established by Nephi, later occupied by Lamanites, Zeniffites
  • Land of Nephi, Land established by Nephi, later occupied by Lamanites, Zeniffites
  • City of Nephihah, Nephite refuge captured and lost by the Lamanites
  • Plains of Nephihah, Near the city of Nephihah
  • Nephite Refuge, Location for Nephite centralization
  • Valley of Nimrod, In Mesopotamia
  • City and Land of Noah, In land of Zarahemla, near Ammonihah


  • Ogath, Place near hill Ramah
  • City of Omner, Nephite city by seashore on east borders
  • Onidah, Gathering place for dissatisfied Lamanites
  • Hill Onidah, In land of Antionum
  • Onihah, City destroyed at the crucifixion


  • Palestina, Middle Eastern Land Neighboring Israel
  • Pathros, Location in upper Egypt


  • Hill Ramah, Jaredite name for Hill Cumorah
  • Ramath, Assyrian city destroyed by divine decree
  • Hill Riplah, East of river Sidon, near land of Manti
  • Waters of Ripliancum, Aquatic Region in the Land Northward


  • Salem, Ancient name for Jerusalem
  • Samaria, Middle Eastern Country
  • Waters of Sebus, Watering place in land of Ishmael
  • Shazer, Lehite rest stop in Arabia
  • Shelem, Mountain in Mesopotamia
  • City of and Land of Shem2, Nephite land north of Antum and Jashon
  • Land of Shemlon, Region bordering on land of Lehi-Nephi
  • Sherrizah, Nephite stronghold conquered by Lamanites
  • Waters of Shiloah, Pool near Jerusalem1
  • City of and Land of Shilom, Small region next to land of Lehi-Nephi
  • Hill Shim, Hill in the land Northward
  • Shimnilom, City in the Land of Nephi
  • Shinar, Ancient name for Mesopotamia
  • Valley of Shurr, Coriantumr's base camp
  • Land of Sidom, City near Ammonihah where Zeezrom, Alma and Amulek retreat
  • Sidon River, Major river flowing through the land of Zarahemla
  • Mount Siani, Mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments
  • Sinim, Distant land, possibly China
  • Siron, City near Antionum where Corianton meets Isabel
  • Sodom, Wicked City of the Old World
  • Syria, Middle Eastern Country


  • Tarshish, Possibly the city Tarsus
  • City of Teancum, By seashore near city of Desolation
  • Tower of Babel, Near Original Home of the Jaredites


  • City of Zarahemla, Major capital of Nephites from about 200 B.C. to A.D. 200
  • Land of Zarahemla, A general reference to the area near the city of Zarahemla
  • Land of Zebulun, Israelite Territory
  • City of Zeezrom, Nephite city on southwest frontier
  • Mount Zerin, Mountain, Presumably in Mesopotamia
  • Zion, City of God

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