This list is intended as a quick reference for individuals mentioned in The Book of Mormon.

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Names with superscripts (e.g., Nephi1) are numbered according to the index in the LDS scripture, The Book of Mormon.[1] Missing indices indicate people in the index who are not in The Book of Mormon; For instance, Aaron1 is the biblical Aaron, brother of Moses.

  • Bold type indicates the person was an important religious figure, such as a prophet or a missionary.
  • Italic type indicates the person was a king, chief judge or other ruler
  • Underlined type indicates the person was a historian or record keeper; one whose writing (abridged or not) is included in The Book of Mormon
  • Combined typefaces indicate combined roles. For example, bold italic indicates an individual was both a religious and secular leader.


  • Aaron2, descendant of Heth, Jaredite king
  • Aaron3, son of Mosiah2, Nephite missionary
  • Aaron4, Lamanite king (ca AD 330)
  • Abinadi, Nephite prophet sent to people of Lehi-Nephi - converted Alma1(ca 150 BC)
  • Abinadom, son of Chemish, Nephite historian
  • Abish, Lamanite woman, servant of Lamoni's wife
  • Aha, Nephite military officer (ca 80 BC)
  • Ahah, son of Seth2, Jaredite king
  • Akish, son of Kimnor, Jaredite king
  • Alma1, Nephite prophet (ca 173-91 BC)
  • Alma2, son of Alma1, known as Alma the Younger. Nephite prophet and first chief judge (ca 100-73 BC).
  • Amaleki1, Nephite record keeper (ca 130 BC)
  • Amaleki2, seeker of Zeniff's people (ca 121 BC)
  • Amalickiah, Nephite traitor who becomes king of the Lamanites and wars with Nephites - killed by Teancum (ca 70 BC)
  • Amaron, son of Omni, Nephite record keeper
  • Aminadab, Nephite dissenter living among the Lamanites - reconverted by Nephi2 and Lehi4 (ca 30 BC)
  • Aminadi, descendant of Nephi1
  • Amlici, Nephite dissenter (ca 87 BC)
  • Ammah, Nephite missionary, companion of Aaron3
  • Ammaron, Nephite record keeper (ca AD 306)
  • Ammon1, leader of expedition to land of Nephi (ca 121 BC)
  • Ammon2, son of Mosiah2, missionary to the Lamanites, becomes chief judge in land of Jershon to Anti-Nephi-Lehites (ca 100 BC)
  • Ammoron, Nephite traitor, brother of Amalickiah, king of Lamanites after Amalikiah's death - killed by Teancum (ca 66-61 BC)
  • Amnigaddah, son of Aaron2, Jaredite king
  • Amnor1, Nephite spy in Amlicite campaign (ca 87 BC)
  • Amoron, a Nephite spy
  • Amos1, son of Nephi4, Nephite record keeper (ca 110-194)
  • Amos2, son of Amos1, Nephite record keeper (ca 194-306)
  • Amulek, son of Giddonah, Nephite missionary, companion of Alma2
  • Amulon, priest of King Noah, tributary Nephite monarch of Land of Helam
  • Antiomno, Lamanite king of land of Middoni.
  • Antionah, ruler in Ammonihah
  • Antionum, Nephite commander (ca AD 385)
  • Antipus, Nephite commander in city of Judea.(ca 65 BC)


  • Benjamin, known as King Benjamin, Nephite prophet and king (ca 120 BC)
  • Brother of Jared, brother of Jared2, Jaredite prophet


  • Captain Moroni, see Moroni1
  • Cezoram, eighth Nephite chief judge (ca 30 BC), preceded by Nephi, son of Helaman, and succeeded by his son, and eventually by Seezoram. Cezoram and Seezoram are two different people and should not be confused with one another.
  • Chemish, son of Omni, Nephite record keeper
  • Christ, see Jesus Christ
  • Cohor1, son of Noah2
  • Cohor2, early Jaredite king, son of Corihor, son of Kib, and brother to Noah. He joined his brother Noah, with "all his brethren and many of the people" to establish a rival kingdom to Shule’s (Ether 7:15). There are no further references, but he seems to have been influential, for his brother Noah later names a son after him (Ether 7:20) and the name is passed down to the end of the Jaredite lineage (Ether 13:17).
  • Cohor3, late Jaredite
  • Com1, early Jaredite king, son of Coriantum1
  • Com2, late Jaredite king
  • Corianton, son of Alma2
  • Coriantor, late Jaredite, son of Moron, father of Ether. Although his father had been king, Coriantor "dwelt in captivity all his days"[2].
  • Coriantum1, early Jaredite king, son of Emer
  • Coriantum2, middle Jaredite, son of Amnigaddah
  • Coriantum3, early Jaredite, son of Omer
  • Coriantumr1, Jaredite king, last Jaredite survivor
  • Coriantumr2, Nephite apostate, commander of Lamanite forces
  • Corihor1, son of Kib, early Jaredite
  • Corihor2, late Jaredite
  • Corom, middle Jaredite king, son of Levi2
  • Cumenihah, Nephite commander (ca AD 385)




  • Hagoth, Nephite shipbuilder (ca 55 BC)
  • Hearthom, early Jaredite king
  • Helam, convert from the people of Noah2 (ca 147 BC). First of those baptized by Alma1
  • Helaman1, son of King Benjamin (ca 130 BC), brother of Mosiah II and Helorum. Helaman is only mentioned in one verse.[3]
  • Helaman2, eldest son of Alma2, prophet and military commander (ca 74-56 BC)
  • Helaman3, eldest son of Helaman2 - sixth Nephite chief judge
  • Helem, brother of Ammon2
  • Helorum, son of King Benjamin (ca 130 BC), brother of Mosiah2 and Helaman1. Helorum is mentioned in only one verse[4], but is addressed with his brothers by King Benjamin[5].
  • Hem, brother of Ammon2
  • Heth1, early Jaredite
  • Heth2, middle Jaredite
  • Himni, son of Mosiah2 (ca 100-74 BC)


  • Isabel, harlot in land of Siron (ca 73 BC)
  • Isaiah2, one of twelve Nephite disciples (ca AD 34)
  • Ishmael1, an Ephraimite from Jerusalem (ca 600 BC)
  • Ishmael2, grandfather of Amulek


  • Jacob2</u>, son of Lehi1, Nephite prophet and record keeper
  • Jacob3, Nephite apostate (ca 64 BC)
  • Jacob4, Nephite apostate (ca 29-30 BC)
  • Jacom, son of Jared2, early Jaredite
  • Jared2, founder of Jaredites
  • Jared3, early Jaredite king
  • Jarom, son of Enos2, Nephite record keeper
  • Jeneum, Nephite commander (ca AD 385)
  • Jeremiah2, one of twelve Nephite disciples (ca AD 34)
  • Jesus Christ, Savior and Redeemer
  • Jonas1, son of Nephi3, one of twelve Nephite disciples (ca AD 34)
  • Jonas2, one of twelve Nephite disciples (ca AD 34)
  • Joseph2, son of Lehi1 (ca 595 BC)
  • Josh, Nephite commander (ca AD 385)



  • Laban, custodian of the brass plates (ca 600 BC)
  • Lachoneus1, eleventh known Nephite chief judge (ca AD 1)
  • Lachoneus2, son of Lachoneus1, twelfth known (and last) Nephite chief judge (ca AD 29-30)
  • Lamah, Nephite commander (ca AD 385)
  • Laman1, eldest son of Lehi1 (ca 600 BC)
  • Laman2, Lamanite king (ca 200 BC)
  • Laman3, son of Laman2 (ca 178 BC)
  • Laman4, Nephite soldier
  • Lamoni, Lamanite king converted by Ammon2
  • Lehi1, Hebrew prophet who led his followers to promised land in western hemisphere (c. 600 B.C.), father of Laman, Lemuel, Nephi1, and Samuel.
  • Lehi2, son of Zoram2, possibly same as Lehi3.
  • Lehi3, Nephite military commander
  • Lehi4, son of Helaman2, Nephite missionary
  • Lehonti, Lamanite officer (ca 72 BC)
  • Lemuel, second son of Lehi1
  • Levi2, middle Jaredite king
  • Lib1, middle Jaredite king
  • Lib2, late Jaredite king
  • Limhah, Nephite commander (ca AD 385)
  • Limher, Nephite soldier (ca 87 BC)
  • Limhi, son of Noah3, third Nephite king in land of Lehi-Nephi (ca 121 BC)
  • Luram, Nephite soldier


  • Mahah, son of Jared3
  • Manti, Nephite soldier (ca 87 BC)
  • Mathoni, one of twelve Nephite disciples (ca AD 34)
  • Mathonihah, one of twelve Nephite disciples (ca AD 34)
  • Morianton1, Jaredite king
  • Morianton2, founder of the Nephite city of Morianton
  • Mormon1, father of Mormon2
  • Mormon2, abridger of the Nephite record
  • Moron, late Jaredite king[6] who reigned during a time of great wickedness and turmoil, and was himself wicked. He lost half his kingdom for many years in a rebellion and, after regaining his kingdom, was completely overthrown and lived out his life in captivity. He was the grandfather of the prophet Ether.
  • Moroni1, known as Captain Moroni, Nephite military commander (ca 99-56 BC)
  • Moroni2, son of Mormon2, Nephite prophet
  • Moronihah1, son of Moroni1, Nephite general (ca 60 BC)
  • Moronihah2, Nephite general who perished at the battle of Cumorah, along with his ten-thousand (ca 385 AD)
  • Mosiah1, Nephite prophet and king, father of King Benjamin
  • Mosiah2, son of King Benjamin, Nephite prophet and king (ca 154-91 BC)
  • Mulek, son of Jewish king Zedekiah
  • Muloki, Nephite missionary


  • Nehor2, Nephite apostate (ca 91 BC)
  • Nephi1, son of Lehi1
  • Nephi2, son of Helaman2 - seventh Nephite chief judge
  • Nephi3, son of Nephi2, known as Nephi the Disciple
  • Nephi4, son of Nephi3
  • Nephihah, second Nephite chief judge (ca 83-67 BC). He succeeded Alma the Younger when Alma had surrendered the judgment seat to him to devote more time to missionary work[7]. His son Pahoran inherited the judgment seat from him after his death[8].
  • Neum, Hebrew prophet quoted by Nephi1
  • Nimrah, son of Akish, Jaredite
  • Noah2, son of Corhihor, early Jaredite king
  • Noah3, son of Zeniff, Nephite king



  • Paanchi, son of Pahoran1 (ca 52 BC)
  • Pachus, king of Nephite dissenters (ca 61 BC)
  • Pacumeni, son of Pahoran1 fifth Nephite chief judge (ca 52 BC), brother of Pahoran, the son of Pahoran, and a contender for the judgement-seat over the people of Nephi[9]. After the death of his brother Pahoran, Pacumeni acquired the judgement-seat[10], but he didn't keep it long; for the land was being invaded by Lamanites, and Coriantumr, a large and mighty man and descendant of Zarahemla and dissenter from the Nephites, caught Pacumeni in his attempt to run away, and killed him at the city walls. Helaman, son of Helaman, succeeded him as chief judge.
  • Pagag, son of brother of Jared2
  • Pahoran1, son of Nephihah, third Nephite chief judge (ca 68 BC)
  • Pahoran2, son of Pahoran1, fourth Nephite chief judge, killed by Kishkumen (ca 52 BC)



  • Sam, third son of Lehi1 (ca 600 BC)
  • Samuel2, Lamanite prophet (ca 6 BC)
  • Sariah, wife of Lehi1 (ca 600 BC)
  • Seantum, member of Gadianton band (ca 23 BC)
  • Seezoram, member of Gadianton band, tenth known Nephite chief judge (ca 26 BC), eventually succeeded by Lachoneus. How and when he began his reign as chief judge is not known; his first appearance in the Book of Mormon is when Nephi, son of Helaman, prophesied his murder by the hand of his brother, Seantum. To give the wicked Nephites a sign that he, Nephi, was a prophet, he prophesied this murder to his people[11][12]. Seezoram should not be confused with Cezoram, another Nephite chief judge who was assassinated earlier.
  • Seth2, son of Shiblon1, Jaredite
  • Shared, Jaredite military leader
  • Shem2, Nephite commander (ca AD 385)
  • Shemnon, one of twelve Nephite disciples (ca AD 34)
  • Sherem, an antichrist (ca fifth century BC)
  • Shez1, middle Jaredite king
  • Shez2, son of Shez1
  • Shiblom1 (also Shiblon), late Jaredite king[13]
  • Shiblom2, Nephite commander (ca AD 385)[14]
  • Shiblon, son of Alma2, Nephite missionary & record-keeper
  • Shiz, Jaredite military leader
  • Shule, early Jaredite king


  • Teancum, Nephite military leader (ca 67 BC)
  • Teomner, Nephite military officer (ca 63 BC)
  • Timothy, brother of Nephi2, one of twelve Nephite disciples (ca AD 34)
  • Tubaloth, Lamanite king (ca 51 BC), son of Ammoron, the previous king. He appointed Coriantumr, a mighty man and Nephite dissenter, to lead his armies[15]


  • Zarahemla, descendant of Mulek, leader of Mulek's colony
  • Zedekiah2, one of twelve Nephite disciples (ca AD 34)
  • Zeezrom, Nephite lawyer, Converted by Alma2 and Amulek (ca 82 BC)
  • Zelph, a Lamanite soldier at the Battle of Cumorah
  • Zemnarihah, leader of Gadianton band (ca AD 21)
  • Zenephi, Nephite commander (ca AD 400)
  • Zeniff, Nephite king (ca 200 BC)
  • Zenock, prophet of Israel
  • Zenos, prophet of Israel
  • Zerahemnah, Lamanite commander (ca 74 BC)
  • Zeram, Nephite military officer (ca 87 BC)
  • Zoram1, servant of Laban (ca 600 BC)
  • Zoram2, Nephite chief captain (ca 81 BC)
  • Zoram3, Nephite apostate (ca 74 BC)

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