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This is a list of names from the Bible, mainly taken from the 19th century (public domain) resource

Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible by Roswell D. Hitchcock, New York: A. J. Johnson, 1874, c1869.

Each name is given with its meaning. Please note that "names" refers to any noun, which may be: people, places, cities, countries, angels, gods, mountains, etc. Meanings of the names are not always definite or clear, but a possible meaning has been provided in every case.

  • Some people of the Biblical period are not listed here, because their names are not in the canonical Bible. See list of names for the Biblical nameless.
  • Sometimes the same name refers to several individuals in the Bible, for example there are three people named Joseph.

Note: The actual name of the Hebrew God (Jehovah/Yahweh has been entered instead of "LORD". The name of the Hebrew God is usually found in Hebrew names as "iah" or "jah" in the anglicized form. The substitution of the word "lord" is inaccurate as the Hebrew word for lord is "adon", or "adonim" "adonai" and "god" is "el", "elim", or "elohim". See Tetragrammaton. And Hebrew had no "J" so all "J" names have been anglicized, so that "Y" has been changed to "J" for English speakers.

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  • Ibhar, election; he that is chosen
  • Ibleam, ancient people; people decreasing
  • Ibneiah, Ibniah, the building of the Lord; the understanding of the Lord; son by adoption
  • Ibri, passing over; being angry; being with young
  • Ibzan, father of a target; father of coldness
  • Ichabod, where is the glory? or, no glory
  • Iconium, coming
  • Idalah, the hand of slander, or of cursing
  • Idbash, flowing with honey; the land of destruction
  • Iddo, his band; power; praise
  • Idumea, red; earthy; bloody
  • Igal, redeemed; defiled
  • Igeal, a redeemer; redeemed; defiled
  • Igdaliah, the greatness of the Lord
  • Iim, heaps of Hebrews, or of angry men
  • Ije-abarim, heaps of Hebrews, or of passers over
  • Ijon, look; eye; fountain
  • Ikkesh, forward; wicked
  • Illyricum, joy; rejoicing
  • Imlah, plentitude; circumcision
  • Immanuel, God with us
  • Immer, saying; speaking; a lamb
  • Imnah, same as Jimnah
  • Imrah, a rebel; waxing bitter; changing
  • Imri, speaking; exalting; bitter; a lamb
  • India, praise; law
  • Iphedeiah, redemption of the Lord
  • Ir, watchman; city; vision
  • Ira, watchman; making bare; pouring out
  • Irad, wild ass; heap of empire; dragon
  • Iram, the effusion of them; a high heap
  • Iri, fire; light
  • Irijah, the fear of the Lord
  • Irpeel, the health, medicine, or exulting of God
  • Ir-shemesh, a city of bondage
  • Isaac, laughter
  • Isaiah, the salvation of the Lord
  • Iscah, he that anoints
  • Iscariot, a man of murder; a hireling
  • Ishbak, who is empty or exhausted
  • Ishbi-benob, respiration; conversion; taking captive
  • Ishbosheth, a man of shame
  • Ishi, salvation
  • Ishiah, it is the Lord
  • Ishma, named; marveling; desolation
  • Ishmael, God that hears
  • Ishmaiah, hearing or obeying the Lord
  • Ishmerai, keeper, or keeping
  • Ishod, a comely man
  • Ish-pan, hid; broken in two
  • Ishtob, good man
  • Ishua, plainness; equal
  • Ishmachiah, cleaving to the Lord
  • Ispah, a jasper stone
  • Israel, who prevails with God
  • Issachar, reward; recompense
  • Isui, same as Ishuah
  • Ithai, strong; my sign; a plowshare
  • Italy, abounding with calves or heifers
  • Ithamar, island of the palm-tree
  • Ithiel, sign, or coming of God
  • Ithmah, an orphan
  • Ithran, remaining; searching out diligently
  • Ithream, excellence of the people
  • Ittah-kazin, hour, or time, of a prince
  • Iturea, guarded; mountainous
  • Ivah, iniquity
  • Izehar, Izhar, clearness; oil
  • Izrahiah, the Lord ariseth; the clearness of the Lord
  • Izri, fasting; tribulation
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In Hebrew there is no J, so all these name have been Anglicized

  • Jaakan, tribulation; labor
  • Jaakobah, supplanter; deceiver; the heel
  • Jaala, ascending; a little doe or goat
  • Jaalam (name), hidden; young man; heir
  • Jaanai, whom Jehovah answers
  • Jaasau, Whom Jehovah made
  • Jaasiel, God's work
  • Jaazaniah, whom the Jehovah will hear
  • Jaazah, Jaazar, Jehovah helps
  • Jaaziah, Jaaziel, the strength of the Jehovah
  • Jabal, which glides away
  • Jabbok, evacuation; dissipation; wrestling
  • Jabesh, dryness; confusion; shame
  • Jabez, sorrow; trouble
  • Jabin, Jabneh, he that understands; building
  • Jabneel, building of God
  • Jachan, wearing out; oppressing
  • Jachin, he that strengthens and makes steadfast
  • Jacob, that supplants, undermines; the heel
  • Jada, knowing
  • Jadau, his hand; his confession
  • Jadon, he will judge; thankful
  • Jaddua, known
  • Jael, a goat, agile
  • Jagur, husbandman; stranger
  • Jah, abbreviation of Jehovah
  • Jahaleel, praising God; light of God
  • Jahath, broken in pieces; descending
  • Jahaz, Jahazah, quarrel; dispute
  • Jahaziah, the vision of Jehovah
  • Jahaziel, seeing God
  • Jahdiel, the unity, or sharpness, or revenge, of God
  • Jahdo, I alone; his joy; his sharpness of wit; his newness
  • Jahleel, waiting for, or beseeching, or hope in, God
  • Jahmai, warm; making warm
  • Jahzeel, God hasteth, or divideth
  • Jair, Jairus, my light; who diffuses light
  • Jakan, same as Achan
  • Jakim, rising; confirming; establishing
  • Jalon, tarrying; murmuring
  • Jambres, poverty; bitter; a rebel
  • James, same as Jacob
  • Jamin, right hand; south wind
  • Jamlech, reigning; asking counsel
  • Janna, Jannes, who speaks or answers; afflicted; poor
  • Janoah, Janohah, resting; tarrying; deriving
  • Janum, sleeping
  • Japhet, enlarged; fair; persuading
  • Japheth, same as Japhet
  • Japhia, enlightening; appearing
  • Japhlet, Japhleti, delivered; banished
  • Japho, fairness; comeliness
  • Jarah, a wood; honeycomb; watching closely
  • Jareb, a revenger
  • Jared, a ruling; commanding; coming down
  • Jaresiah, the bed of Jehovah; Jehovah hath taken away; poverty
  • Jarib, fighting; chiding; multiplying; avenging
  • Jarmuth, fearing, or seeing, or throwing down, death
  • Jarvah, breathing, or making, a sweet smell
  • Jashem, Jashen, ancient; sleeping
  • Jasher, righteous; upright
  • Jashobeam, the people sitting; or captivity of the people
  • Jashub, a returning; a controversy; a dwelling place
  • Jasiel, the strength of God
  • Jason, he that cures
  • Jathniel, gift of God
  • Jattir, a remnant; excellent
  • Javan, deceiver; one who makes sad
  • Jazeel, strength of God
  • Jazer, assistance; helper
  • Jaziz, brightness; departing
  • Jearim, a leap; woods
  • Jeaterai, Whom Jehovah searching out; leads
  • Jeberechiah, speaking well of, or kneeling to, Jehovah
  • Jeblaam, Latin-derived variant of Ibleam used in Douay-Rheims and some other translations
  • Jebus, treading under foot; manger
  • Jebusi, trodden under foot; mangers
  • Jecamiah, resurrection, or confirmation, or revenge, of Jehovah
  • Jecoliah, perfection, or power, of Jehovah
  • Jeconiah, preparation, or stability, of Jehovah
  • Jedaiah, the hand of the Lord; confessing Jehovah
  • Jedeiah, one Lord; the joy of the Jehovah
  • Jediael, knowledge, of God
  • Jedidah, well beloved; amiable
  • Jedidiah, beloved of Jehovah
  • Jediel, the knowledge, or renewing, of God
  • Jeduthun, his law; giving praise
  • Jeezer, island of help
  • Jegar-sahadutha, heap of witness
  • Jehaleleel, Jehalelel, praising God; clearness of God
  • Jehaziel, same as Jahaziel
  • Jehdeiah, Whom Jehovah makes glad
  • Jeheiel, God liveth
  • Jehezekel, strength of God
  • Jehiah, Jehovah liveth
  • Jehiskiah, the strength, or taking, of Jehovah
  • Jehoadah, passing over; testimony of Jehovah
  • Jehoaddan, pleasure, or time, of Jehovah
  • Jehoahaz, possession of Jehovah
  • Jehoash, fire of Jehovah
  • Jehohanan, grace, or mercy, or gift, of Jehovah
  • Jehoiachin, preparation, or strength, of Jehovah
  • Jehoiada, knowledge of Jehovah
  • Jehoiakim, avenging, or establishing, or resurrection, of Jehovah
  • Jehoiarib, fighting, or multiplying, of Jehovah
  • Jehonadab, Jonadab, free giver; liberality
  • Jehonathan, gift of Jehovah; gift of a dove
  • Jehoram, exaltation of Jehovah
  • Jehoshaphat, Jehovah is judge
  • Jehosheba, fullness, or oath, of Yahweh
  • Jehoshua, same as Joshua
  • Jehovah, self-subsisting
  • Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah will provide
  • Jehovah-nissi, Jehovah my banner
  • Jehovah-rapha, Jehovah the healer
  • Jehovah-shalom, Jehovah send peace
  • Jehovah-shammah, Jehovah is there
  • Jehovah-tsidkenu, Jehovah our righteousness
  • Jehozabad, Jehovah dowry; having a dowry
  • Jehozadak, justice of Jehovah
  • Jehu, himself who exists
  • Jehubbah, hiding, binding
  • Jehucal, mighty; perfect; wasted
  • Jehud, Jehudi, praising; conferring
  • Jehudijah, the praise of the Lord
  • Jehush, keeping counsel; fastened
  • Jekabzeel, the congregation of God
  • Jekamean, the people shall arise
  • Jekamiah, establishing, or revenging, of Jehovah
  • Jekuthiel, hope, or congregation, of Jehovah
  • Jemima, handsome as the day
  • Jemuel, God's day; son of God
  • Jephthah, Whom God sets free
  • Jephunneh, he that beholds
  • Jerah, the moon; month; smelling sweet
  • Jerahmeel, the mercy, or the beloved, of God
  • Jered, ruling; coming down
  • Jeremai, my height; throwing forth waters
  • Jeremiah, exaltation of Jehovah
  • Jeremoth, eminences; one that fears death
  • Jeriah, fear, or throwing down, of Jehovah
  • Jerebai, fighting; chiding; multiplying
  • Jericho, his moon; his month; his sweet smell
  • Jeriel, fear, or vision of God
  • Jerijah, same as Jeriah
  • Jerimoth, he that fears or rejects death
  • Jerioth, kettles; breaking asunder
  • Jeroboam, he that opposes the people
  • Jeroham, high; merciful; beloved
  • Jerubbaal, he that defends Baal, let Baal defend his cause
  • Jerubbesheth, let the idol of confusion defend itself
  • Jeruel, fear, or vision of God
  • Jerusalem, vision of peace
  • Jerusha, banished; possession; inheritance
  • Jesaiah, health, or salvation, of Jehovah
  • Jeshebeab, sitting, or captivity, of the father
  • Jesher, right; singing
  • Jeshimon, solitude; desolation
  • Jeshishai, ancient; rejoicing exceedingly
  • Jeshohaia, Jehovahpressing; the meditation of God
  • Jeshua, same as Joshua
  • Jesiah, sprinkling of the Lord
  • Jesimiel, naming, or astonishment, of God
  • Jesse, gift; oblation; one who is
  • Jesui, even-tempered; flat country
  • Jesus, Jehovah is salvation; deliverer; help
  • Jether, he that excels
  • Jetheth, giving
  • Jethlah, hanging up; heaping up
  • Jethro, his excellence; his posterity
  • Jetur, order; succession; mountainous
  • Jeuel, God hath taken away; God heaping up
  • Jeush, Jeuz, he that is devoured
  • Jew, same as Judah
  • Jezaniah, nourishment, or weapons, of Jehovah
  • Jezebel, not exalted
  • Jezer, island of help
  • Jeziah, Jeziel, sprinkling of Jehovah
  • Jezoar, clear; white
  • Jezrahiah, Jehovah arises; brightness of Jehovah
  • Jezreel, seed of God
  • Jibsam, their drought, their confusion
  • Jidlaph, he that distills water
  • Jimnah, right hand; numbering; preparing
  • Jiphtah, opening
  • Jiphthael, God opening
  • Joab, paternity; voluntary
  • Joachim, rising or establishing of Jehovah
  • Joah, fraternity; brother of Jehovah
  • Joahaz, apprehending; possessing; seeing
  • Joanna, grace or gift of Jehovah
  • Joash, who despairs or burns
  • Joatham, same as Jotham
  • Job, he that weeps or cries
  • Jobab, sorrowful, hated
  • Jochebed, glorious; honorable
  • Joed, witnessing; robbing; passing over
  • Joel, he that wills or commands
  • Joelah, lifting up; profiting; taking away slander
  • Joezer, he that aids
  • Jogbehah, an exalting; high
  • Jogli, passing over; turning back; rejoicing
  • Joha (or Juha), who enlivens or gives life
  • Johanan, who is liberal or merciful
  • John, John, the grace or mercy of Jehovah
  • Joiarib, chiding, or multiplying, of Jehovah
  • Jokdeam, crookedness, or burning, of the people
  • Jokim, that made the sun stand still
  • Jokmeam, confirmation, or revenge, of the people
  • Jokneam, possessing, or building up, of the people
  • Jokshan, an offense; hardness; a knocking
  • Joktan, small dispute; contention; disgust
  • Jonadab, who gives liberally
  • Jonah, or Jonas, a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer
  • Jonan, a dove; multiplying of the people
  • Jonathan, given of God
  • Joppa, beauty; comeliness
  • Jorah, Jorai, showing; casting forth; a cauldron
  • Joram, to cast; elevated
  • Jordan, the river of judgment
  • Jordan Arnold, To be unskilled, or stretch beyond normal
  • Jorim, he that exalts the Lord
  • Josabad, having a dowry
  • Josaphat, same as Jehoshaphat
  • Jose, raised; who pardons
  • Joseph, Saint Joseph, Joseph of Arimathea, increase; addition
  • Joses, same as Jose
  • Joshah, being; forgetting; owing
  • Joshaviah, the seat, alteration, or captivity of Jehovah
  • Joshbekesha, it is requiring or beseeching
  • Joshua, a savior; a deliverer
  • Josiah, the Lord burns; the fire of Jehovah
  • Josibiah, the seat, or captivity of Jehovah
  • Josiphiah, increase of Jehovah; Jehovah's finishing
  • Jotham, the perfection of Jehovah
  • Jothath, Jothatha, his goodness
  • Jozabad, same as Josabad
  • Jozachar, remembering; of the male sex
  • Jubal, he that runs; a trumpet
  • Jucal, mighty; perfect
  • Judah, the praise of Jehovah; confession
  • Judas, Jude, same as Judah
  • Judaea, Judea, same as Judah
  • Judith, same as Judah
  • Julia, downy; soft and tender hair
  • Julius, same as Julia
  • Junia, youth
  • Jushabhesed, dwelling-place; change of mercy
  • Justus, just or upright
  • Juttah, turning away
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  • Obadiah, servant of the Lord
  • Obal, inconvenience of old age
  • Obed, a servant; workman
  • Obed-edom, servant of Edom
  • Obil, that weeps; who deserves to be bewailed
  • Oboth, dragons; fathers; desires
  • Ocran, a disturber; that disorders
  • Oded, to sustain, hold or lift up
  • Og, a cake; bread baked in ashes
  • Ohad, praising; confessing
  • Ohel, tent; tabernacle; brightness
  • Olympas, heavenly
  • Omar, he that speaks; bitter
  • Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet; long O
  • Omri, sheaf of corn
  • On, pain; force; iniquity
  • Onam, Onan, same as On
  • Onesimus, profitable; useful
  • Onesiphorus, who brings profit
  • Ono, grief or strength or iniquity of him
  • Ophel, a tower; darkness; small white cloud
  • Ophir, fruitful region
  • Ophni, wearisomeness; folding together
  • Ophrah, dust; lead; a fawn
  • Oreb, a raven
  • Oren, pine tree
  • Ornan, that rejoices
  • Orpah, the neck or skull
  • Oshea, same as Joshua
  • Othni, my time; my hour
  • Othniel, the hour of God
  • Ozem, that fasts; their eagerness
  • Ozias, strength from the Lord
  • Ozni, an ear; my hearkening
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  • Raamah, greatness; thunder; some sort of evil
  • Raamiah, thunder, or evil, from the Lord
  • Rabbah, great; powerful; contentious
  • Rabbi, Rabboni, my master
  • Rabmag, who overthrows or destroys a multitude
  • Rab-saris, chief of the eunuchs
  • Rabshakeh, cup-bearer of the prince
  • Raca, worthless; good-for-nothing
  • Rachab, same as Rahab
  • Rachal, to whisper; an embalmer; a village of the tribe of David
  • Rachel, ewe
  • Raddai, ruling; coming down
  • Ragau, friend; shepherd
  • Raguel, shepherd, or friend of God
  • Rahab, proud; quarrelsome (applied to Egypt)
  • Rahab, large; extended (name of a woman)
  • Raham, compassion; a friend
  • Rakkath, empty; temple of the head
  • Rakkon, vain; void; mountain of enjoyment
  • Ram, elevated; sublime
  • Ramah, same as Ram
  • Ramath, Ramatha, raised; lofty
  • Ramathaim-Zophim, the two watch-towers
  • Ramath-lehi, elevation of the jaw-bone
  • Ramath-mizpeh, elevation of the watch-tower
  • Ramiah, exaltation of the Lord
  • Ramoth, eminences; high places
  • Raphah, Raphu, relaxation; physic; comfort
  • Reaiah, vision of the Lord
  • Reba, the fourth; a square; that lies or stoops down
  • Rebekah, fettered by beauty
  • Rechab, square; chariot with team of four horses
  • Reelaiah, shepherd or companion to the Lord
  • Regem, that stones or is stoned; purple
  • Regemmelech, he that stones the king; purple of the king
  • Rehabiah, breadth, or extent, of the Lord
  • Rehob, breadth; space; extent
  • Rehoboam, who sets the people at liberty
  • Rehoboth, spaces; places
  • Rehum, merciful; compassionate
  • Rei, my shepherd; my companion; my friend
  • Rekem, vain pictures; divers picture
  • Remaliah, the exaltation of the Lord
  • Remmon, greatness; elevation; a pomegranate-tree
  • Remphan, prepared; arrayed
  • Rephael, the physic or medicine of God
  • Rephaiah, medicine or refreshment of the Lord
  • Rehpaim, giants; physicians; relaxed
  • Rephidim, beds; places of rest
  • Resen, a bridle or bit
  • Reu, a friend
  • Reuben, who sees the son; the vision of the son
  • Reuel, friend of God
  • Reumah, lofty; sublime
  • Rezeph, pavement; burning coal
  • Rezin, good-will; messenger
  • Rezon, lean; small; secret; prince
  • Rhegium, rupture; fracture
  • Rhesa, will; course
  • Rhoda, a rose
  • Rhodes, same as Rhoda
  • Ribai, strife
  • Riblah, quarrel; greatness to him
  • Rimmon, exalted; pomegranate
  • Rinnah, song; rejoicing
  • Riphath, remedy; medicine; release; pardon
  • Rissah, watering; distillation; dew
  • Rithmah, juniper; noise
  • Rizpah, bed; extension; a coal
  • Rogelim, a foot or footman
  • Rohgah, filled or drunk with talk
  • Romamti-ezer, exaltation of help
  • Roman, strong; powerful
  • Rome, strength; power
  • Rosh, the head; top, or beginning
  • Ruben, behold a son
  • Rufus, red
  • Ruhamah, having obtained mercy
  • Rumah, exalted; sublime; rejected
  • Ruth, friend
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  • Ucal, power, prevalency
  • Uel, desiring God
  • Ulai, strength; fool; senseless
  • Ulam, the porch; the court; their strength; their folly
  • Ulla, elevation; leaf; young child
  • Ummah, darkened; covered; his people
  • Unni, poor; afflicted; that answers
  • Uphaz, pure gold; gold of Phasis or Pison
  • Upharsin, divided
  • Ur, fire, light, a valley
  • Urbane, courteous
  • Uri, my light, my fire
  • Uriah, or Urijah, the Lord is my light or fire
  • Uriel, God is my light or fire
  • Urim, lights; fires
  • Uthai, my iniquity
  • Uz, counsel; words
  • Uzai, he
  • Uzal, wandering
  • Uzzah, strength; goat
  • Uzzen-sherah, ear of the flesh
  • Uzzi, my strength; my kid
  • Uzziah, Uzziel, the strength, or kid, of the Lord
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  • Vajezatha, sprinkling the chamber
  • Vaniah, nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord
  • Vashni, the second; changed; a tooth
  • Vashti, that drinks; thread
  • Vophsi, fragrant; diminution



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  • Zaanaim, 6815*, removals
  • Zaanan, 6630*, sheep pasture
  • Zaanannim, movings; a person asleep
  • Zaavan, trembling
  • Zabad, dowry; endowed
  • Zabbai, flowing
  • Zabbud, giving
  • Zabdi, same as Zabad
  • Zabdiel, gift of El
  • Zabud, same as Zabbud
  • Zabulon, 2194*, 2074*, habitation
  • Zaccai, pure meat; just
  • Zacchaeus, pure; clean; just
  • Zacchur, 2139*, mindful
  • Zaccur, of the male kind; mindful
  • Zachariah, 2148*, the LORD has remembered
  • Zacharias, 2197*, 2148*, the LORD has remembered
  • Zacher, 2144*, memento; recollection; commemoration
  • Zadok, just; justified
  • Zaham, crime; filthiness; impurity
  • Zair, little; afflicted; in tribulation
  • Zalaph, shadow; ringing; shaking
  • Zalmon, his shade; his image
  • Zalmonah, the shade; the sound of the number; his image
  • Zalmunna, shadow; image; idol forbidden
  • Zamzummims, projects of crimes; enormous crimes
  • Zanoah, forgetfulness; desertion
  • Zaphnath-paaneah, one who discovers hidden things
  • Zaphon, 6829*, boreal
  • Zara, shining; flower
  • Zarah, east; brightness
  • Zareah, leprosy; hornet
  • Zareathites, 6882*, wasp (inhabitants)
  • Zared, strange descent
  • Zarephath, ambush of the mouth
  • Zaretan, tribulation; perplexity
  • Zareth-shahar, 6890*, splendor of the dawn
  • Zarhites, 2227*, rising of light (descendants)
  • Zartanah, 6891*, pierce; puncture
  • Zarthan, 6891*, pierce; puncture
  • Zatthu, olive tree
  • Zattu, 2240*, [uncertain derivation]; olive tree
  • Zavan, 2190*, disquiet
  • Zaza, belonging to all
  • Zebadiah, portion of the LORD; the LORD is my portion
  • Zebah, victim; sacrifice
  • Zebaim, 6380*, gazelles
  • Zebedee, abundant; portion
  • Zebina, flowing now; selling; buying
  • Zeboiim, 6636*, gazelles
  • Zeboim, deer; goats
  • Zebudah, endowed; endowing
  • Zebul, a habitation
  • Zebulonite, 2075*, habitation (descendant)
  • Zebulun, dwelling; habitation
  • Zebulunites, 2075*, habitation (descendant)
  • Zechariah, remembered by the LORD
  • Zedad, his side; his hunting
  • Zedekiah, the LORD is my justice; the justice of the LORD
  • Zeeb, wolf
  • Zelah, rib; side; halting
  • Zelek, the shadow or noise of him that licks or laps
  • Zelophehad, the shade or tingling of fear
  • Zelotes, zealous
  • Zelzah, noontide
  • Zemaraim, wool; pith
  • Zemarite, 6786*, Canaanite
  • Zemira, song; vine; palm
  • Zenan, coldness; target; weapon
  • Zenas, living
  • Zephaniah, the LORD is my secret
  • Zephath, which beholds; that attends or that covers
  • Zephathah, 6859*, watch-tower, associated with modern Wadi Zeita
  • Zephi, 6825*, observant
  • Zepho, that sees and observes; that expects or covers
  • Zephon, 6827*, watch-tower
  • Zephonites, 6831*, watch-tower (descendants)
  • Zer, perplexity
  • Zerah, same as Zarah
  • Zerahiah, the LORD rising; brightness of the LORD
  • Zered, 2218*, be exuberant in growth; lined with shrubbery
  • Zereda, ambush; change of dominion
  • Zeredathah, 6868*, pierce; puncture
  • Zererath, 6888*, pierce; puncture
  • Zeresh, misery; strange; dispersed inheritance
  • Zereth, same as Zer
  • Zeri, 6874*, crack; leak; distillation; balm
  • Zeror, root; that straitens or binds; that keeps tight
  • Zeruah, leprous; wasp; hornet
  • Zerubbabel, a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion
  • Zeruiah, pain or tribulation of the LORD
  • Zetham, 2241*, olive grove
  • Zethan, 2133*, olive grove
  • Zethar, he that examines or beholds
  • Zia, sweat; swelling
  • Ziba, army; fight; strength
  • Zibeon, iniquity that dwells
  • Zibia, 6644*, gazelle
  • Zibiah, the LORD dwells; deer; goat
  • Zichri, that remembers; that is a man
  • Ziddim, huntings; treasons; destructions
  • Zidkijah, justice of the LORD
  • Zidon, hunting; fishing; venison
  • Zidonians, 6722*, catching fish; fishery (inhabitants)
  • Zif, this or that; brightness; comeliness
  • Ziha, brightness; whiteness; drought
  • Ziklag, measure pressed down
  • Zillah, shadow; the tingling of the ear
  • Zilpah, distillation from the mouth
  • Zilthai, my shadow; my talk
  • Zimmah, thought; wickedness
  • Zimran, song; singer; vine
  • Zimri, 2174*, musical
  • Zin, buckler; coldness
  • Zina, shining; going back
  • Zion, monument; raised up; sepulcher
  • Zior, ship of him that watches
  • Ziph, this mouth or mouthful; falsehood
  • Ziphah, 2129, flowing
  • Ziphims, 2130*, flowing (inhabitants)
  • Ziphion, 6837*, watch-tower
  • Ziphites, 2130*, flowing (inhabitants)
  • Ziphron, falsehood of a song; rejoicing
  • Zippor, bird; sparrow; crown; desert
  • Zipporah, beauty; trumpet; mourning
  • Zithri, to hide; demolished
  • Ziz, flower; branch; a lock of hair
  • Ziza, same as Zina
  • Zizah, 2125*, prominence
  • Zoan, motion
  • Zoar, little; small
  • Zoba, 6678*, station;
  • Zobah, an army; warring
  • Zobebah, 6637*, canopier
  • Zohar, white; bright; dryness
  • Zoheleth, that creeps, slides, or draws
  • Zoheth, separation; amazing
  • Zophah, viol; honeycomb
  • Zophai, 6689*, honey-comb
  • Zophar, rising early; crown
  • Zophim, place for a watchman
  • Zorah, leprosy; scab; hornet
  • Zorathites, 6882*, wasp (inhabitants)
  • Zoreah, 6881*, wasp
  • Zorites, 6882*, wasp (inhabitants)
  • Zorobabel, same as Zerubbabel
  • Zuar, same as Zoar
  • Zuph, that beholds, observes, watches; roof; covering
  • Zur, stone; rock; that besieges
  • Zuriel, rock or strength of God
  • Zurishaddai, the Almighty is my rock and strength
  • Zuzims, the posts of a door; splendor; beauty

*Strong's Concordance.

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