• Brekyirihunuade, "he who knows and sees everything."
  • Kwaku Ananse, a trickster god.


  • Anansi - Depicted in numerous forms: a spider, a human or combinations thereof. Known as a trickster.
  • Asase Ya - Earth goddess of fertility
  • Bia - Personification of violence
  • Nyame - Means "God" in the ashanti language.


  • Cagn - supreme god


  • Chukwu - the supreme deity in Odinani
  • Aha Njoku - goddess responsible for yams, which were an ingredient important in the Igbo diet, and the women who care for them.
  • Ala - earth goddess and goddess of fertility.
  • Amadioha - god of thunder and lightning
  • Ikenga - god of fortune and industry
  • Agwu - god of medicine men, god of divination and healing
  • Anyanwu - sun goddess
  • Ekwensu - trickster god
  • Aro - god of judgment (also seen as the Supreme god's "Chukwu's" agent of judgment.)
  • Ogbunabali - Igbo god of death


  • Babalu Aye - deity of disease and illness.
  • Eshu messenger between human and divine, god of crossroads
  • Nana - female deity of creation, sky mother, associated with the moon.
  • Obatala father of orishas and humankind
  • Ogoun deity of iron, war, labour, and technology
  • Olorun creator of the universe, sky father
  • Orunmila - deity of wisdom, divination and foresight
  • Oshun goddess of rivers, love, fertility, and art
  • Oxossi hunter and the scout of the orishas
  • Oya warrior goddess of wind, hurricanes, and underworld gates
  • Shango warrior god of thunder, fire, sky father
  • Iemanja divine mother goddess, divine goddess of the sea and Mother of mankind
  • Ozain He owns the Omiero, a holy liquid consisting of many herbs, liquid through which all Saints and ceremonies have to go through. Ozain owns the herbs, is a natural healer.
  • Agayu - Father of Shango he is also said to be shango's brother in other stories, Agayu is said to be the orisha of volcanoes and the desert.
  • Osun - ruler of the head, Ori
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