The quiet and peaceful park, pond, and chapel behind the Potala

The path led past the Potala to a pond

Lingkhor (simplified Chinese: 外廓traditional Chinese: 外廓) is a sacred path, most commonly used to name the outer pilgrim road in Lhasa matching its inner twin Barkhor. The Lingkhor in Lhasa was 8 kilometres (5 miles) long enclosing Old Lhasa, the Potala and Chokpori. In former times it was crowded with men and women covering its length in prostrations, beggars and pilgrims approaching the city for the first time. The road passed through willow-shaded parks where the Tibetans used to picnic in summer and watch open air operas on festival days.

New Lhasa has obliterated most of Lingkhor, but one stretch still remains west of Chokpori. A bridge about 1 km west of the Potala on the main road with green buildings beyond it is the landmark. The Lingkhor stretches left before the bridge between walls and willow trees. After making a turn to the right it peters out at a duck pond. Open-air Tibetan operas are still performed within earshot of the pond on festival days, one of which falls in June.


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