Lina Yakubova is a documentary filmmaker born of an Assyrian mother and Armenian father.

She has made several documentary films about Assyrians, Armenians, and Greeks. As of 2006 she is a PhD candidate at the Yerevan Institute of Theatre and has an undergraduate degree in Cinematography.

Documentary Films

  • Assyrians in Armenia (2005) ISBN 9744450-8-8 , a documentary film shot in Armenia and narrated in English with additional fotage shot in Iraq and Iran.
  • A Forgotten Page of a Nation (2005), a documentary film that sheds light on the 20th century Genocides of the Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks during World War I by the Ottoman Turks.
  • Gates of the East (2006)
  • Ancestral Home (2006), a documentary film presented in three parts tracing the story of the Assyrians of Syria from the time of the Assyrian Empire to present day.

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