Lilith is an independent Jewish-American feminist magazine which has generated much media attention and won numerous awards for its investigative journalism and fresh take on Jewish rituals and celebrations. Its tagline is "independent, Jewish, and frankly feminist." Published quarterly since 1976, the magazine is named after the Lilith who, according to Jewish tradition, was the first woman created before Eve and was also Adam's first wife and absolute equal, though only by her own claims.

Lilith has reported on issues of interest to Jewish feminists, female and male: the Jewish stake in reproductive rights, Jewish women behind bars, abusive rabbis, the real effects of JDate, and more. In addition to investigative journalism and the re-visioning of Jewish celebrations and rituals from a feminist perspective, Lilith­ brings its readers memoirs, original fiction and poetry, reviews of books, arts and culture and news in every issue. The magazine now sponsors salons in communities around the U.S., Canada and elsewhere; brings Lilith's journalism online through the Lilith blog; and offers a traveling exhibition: "Lilith Magazine: The Voice of Jewish Women."

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