Leopold Lichtenberg (November 22, 1861 – 1935) was a Jewish American violinist; born in San Francisco, California.

Lichtenberg studied under Beaujardin, and made his first appearance in concert when eight years of age. At twelve he became a pupil of Wieniawski, whom he accompanied on a tour through the United States. Some time afterward he spent six months in Paris under Lambert, and then rejoined Wieniawski in Brussels, where he studied unremittingly for three years. After winning the prize at the national competition held in Brussels, he made a successful tour through Holland. Upon his return to America he played with Theodor Thomas' orchestra in New York, and gave a number of recitals in other cities. After spending three years more in Europe Lichtenberg gave another series of concerts in America, after which he settled for some time in Boston, as a member of the Symphony Society. He next went to New York City to take charge of the department of violin at the National Conservatory.

Lichenberg's fine technique and beautiful tone entitled him to high rank among violinists.


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