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Here is shown Eurotas, grandson of Lelex, with his daughter Sparta

In Greek mythology, Lelex was a King of Laconia and demigod.


Lelex was married to the Naiad nymph Cleochareia. He had several sons, including Myles, Polycaon, Pterelaus and Cteson.[1]

The parentage of Lelex is variously stated. He was a son of Poseidon by Libya; or his father is said to be the sun-god Helios; or he was said to be autochthonous.

Lelex is the ancestor of the Spartans.

His grandson (fathered by Myles) was Eurotas. Eurotas had a daughter named Sparta, who would later marry Lacedaemon.[2] Lacedaemon named the city of Sparta after his wife; however, the city's name would also be his own, as it was called either Lacedaemon or Sparta interchangeably.

Sources indicate that Perseus is a descendant of Lelex. Lelex's great-granddaughter Sparta gave birth to a daughter named Eurydice (no relation to Orpheus' Eurydice), who had married Acrisius, the king of Argos. Eurydice became the mother of Danaë, thus making her Perseus' grandmother.[3]

Lelex appears to have been conceived by ancient mythographers as the eponymous founder of the Lelegians, a semi-mythical people that lived on both sides of the Aegean Sea.


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