The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, abbreviated LCWE, is an Evangelical Christian group that grew out of the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization (ICOWE) and promotes active worldwide evangelism. [1] The Lausanne Covenant defines the group’s goals and expresses its commitment to spreading Christianity. [2] The group’s motto is "The Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World". [1]


The ICOWE, was organized in part by Billy Graham and met in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974. Thousands of participants from all over the world met here to discuss and promote evangelism. [1] One result of this conference was the Lausanne Continuation Committee, which planned to sustain the movement started at Lausanne. This committee formed the backbone for the official inception of the LCWE in 1976. [2]


The Executive Board of Directors is headed by American Rev. S. Douglas Birdsall, the current Executive Chairman. Other Board members hail from all over the world. [3] The next conference is schedule to take place in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2010. [1]

The LCWE claims to avoid the bureaucratization that typically occurs within similar movements. It chooses instead to maintain a federal-style system with dense networks that connect local activists with global leaders. [1]


The LCWE has spawned significant involvement from agencies and individual Christians. The movement surrounding it has led to hundreds of books on evangelism and theology being published. These include workbooks for choosing strategies with which to evangelize to “unreached peoples”. [4]

Cape Town 2010

At the urging of evangelical leaders worldwide, the Lausanne Movement will hold the Third Congress on World Evangelisation in Cape Town, South Africa, 16-25 October 2010. The goal of Cape Town 2010 is to re-stimulate the spirit of Lausanne represented in the Lausanne Covenant: to promote unity, humbleness in service, and a call to action for global evangelization.[5]


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