The Late Period of ancient Egypt refers to the last flowering of native Egyptian rulers after the Third Intermediate Period from the 26th Saite Dynasty into Persian conquests and ended with the death of Alexander the Great. It ran from 664 BCE until 323 BCE.

It is often regarded as the last gasp of a once great culture, where the power of Egypt had diminished.

26th Dynasty

The Twenty-Sixth Dynasty, also known as the Saite Period, lasted from 672 BCE to 525 BCE.

27th Dynasty

The First Persian Period (525 BCE - 404 BCE), this period saw Egypt conquered by an expansive Persian Empire under Cambyses.

28th-30th Dynasties

The Twenty-Eighth Dynasty consisted of a single king, Amyrtaeus, prince of Sais, who rebelled against the Persians. He left no monuments with his name. This dynasty lasted six years, from 404 BCE to 398 BCE.

The Twenty-Ninth Dynasty ruled from Mendes, for the period from 398 BCE to 380 BCE.

The Thirtieth Dynasty took their art style from the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty. A series of three pharaohs ruled from 380 BCE until their final defeat in 343 BCE lead to the re-occupation by the Persians.

31st Dynasty

There was a Second Persian Period of the Thirty-First Dynasty (343 BCE- 332 BCE), Also known as the Achaemenid Dynasty.


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