Abbaye de Landévennec

Landévennec Abbey (Abbaye de Landévennec) was a monastery in Brittany, now in Finistère, France. It existed from its foundation at Landévennec, traditionally by Winwaloe in the late fifth century, to 1793, when the monastery was abandoned and sold. It was re-established as a monastery in 1958, supported by monks from Kerbénéat[1][2].

It became a Benedictine foundation in the eighth century. It was attacked and burned by Vikings in 913; it was subsequently rebuilt in stone[3].


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Coordinates: 48°17′25″N 4°16′0″W / 48.29028°N 4.266667°W / 48.29028; -4.266667

br:Abati Sant-Gwenole Landevennegru:Ландевеннек (аббатство)

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