In Greek mythology, Lamedon (Ancient Greek: Λαμέδων) was the younger son of Coronus the Sicyonian, and brother to Corex.[1] After his older brother died without issue, Lamedon was to succeed him, but the kingdom was seized by Epopeus. However, Epopeus died of a wound he had received in the battle against Nycteus, and Lamedon took over as his heir; according to Pausanias, Lamedon was responsible for giving Antiope up to Lycus.[2]

Lamedon married Pheno, daughter of the Athenian Clytius, and had by her a daughter Zeuxippe. Later, when Lamedon was engaged in a military conflict against Archander and Architeles (sons of Achaeus and the husbands of the Danaids Scaea and Automate[3]), he had Sicyon of Attica for an ally. In reward for Sicyon's assistance, Lamedon gave him Zeuxippe to wife and pronounced him his successor.[4]


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