Here is a list of articles pertaining to Lakota mythology, a Native American people of North and South Dakota:

  1. Anog Ite
  2. Anoliy
  3. Anpao
  4. Canotila
  5. Capa
  6. Cetan
  7. Haokah
  8. Ictinike (also known as Iktomi)
  9. Inyan
  10. Iya
  11. Ptehehincalasanwin (see Whope)
  12. Skan
  13. Tate
  14. Unhcegila
  15. Untunktahe
  16. Wakan Tanka (or Wakan, Wakanda)
  17. Wananikwe
  18. Waukheon
  19. Whope
  20. Wi
  21. Yuwipi
  22. Wakinyan
  23. White Buffalo Calf Woman


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