Lakhish Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית לכיש‎, Mo'atza Azorit Lakhish) is a regional council in the South District of Israel. It surrounds the ancient city of Lakhish and the modern city of Kiryat Gat. It was founded in 1955. Today it includes 15 moshavim and one village, as listed below. As of 2008, three new communities are being built in eastern Lakhish, and some old communities are being expanded. Rabbis Shabtai Ben Hayyim and Ya'akov Alkabetz serve as rabbis of the council.

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Coordinates: 31°34′01″N 34°51′00″E / 31.567°N 34.850°E / 31.567; 34.850ca:Laquix cs:Oblastní rada Lachiš

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