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Lacey Nicole Mosley, sometimes known as Lacey Sturm (born September 4, 1981), is the lead vocalist and main lyricist for Texan alternative metalhard rock band Flyleaf.


Mosley was born in Arlington, Texas, to a single mother of six children.[1] The family was poor, and when they did not make ends meet in one place, they had to move to another. Between moving and fights with her mother, what Lacey describes as "a war zone going on at home", she began dabbling in drugs at the age of 10.[1]

Throughout her earlier years, she was an outspoken atheist, with a pronounced talent for singing. While attending high school in Gulfport, she was the lead singer for the band "Sofa Kingdom" which frequently played at WoJo's Coffee Shop in downtown Gulfport.

The fighting became so intense that she was forced to move in with her grandparents in Gulfport, Mississippi. After leaving her family and using drugs, Lacey experienced what she described as a "nervous breakdown", cutting off her hair and beginning to consider suicide. Her grandmother became distressed and urged Lacey to attend church. Eventually she became a Christian.[1]

In 2000, Mosley began to play with drummer James Culpepper. The pair worked with guitarists Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartmann, forming a group named Passerby, renamed Flyleaf in June 2004. [2]

She has also provided background vocals on "Run to You" and "Born Again", two tracks on Christian rock band Third Day's 2008 album Revelation.[3]

She received a pair of Grammy nominations at the 52nd Grammy Awards for her work with Third Day. "Born Again" was nominated for Best Gospel Song and Best Gospel Performance.

Personal life

Mosley was married on September 6, 2008 to Joshua Sturm, the guitarist of the band Kairos and the guitar technician for Flyleaf.[4]


With Flyleaf

Guest appearances

"Born Again" & "Run to You" by Third Day (Revelation)
"Vendetta Black" by Resident Hero (The White EP, Look)
"The Nearness" by David Crowder*Band (Church Music)


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