Kyrillos (1859 – 1933), nicknamed Kyrilloudin (small Kyrillos to differentiate from Kyrillos II), was the bishop of Kyrenia and later became the archbishop of the Cypriot Orthodox Church.

Born in Prastio village of Mesaoria in 1859 he became monk at the age of 13 at St Panteleimon monastery in Myrtou village near Kyrenia. He studied philosophy and theology at the University of Athens. In 1895 he was elected Bishop of Kyrenia and after the Kyrillos II' s death, he was elected Archbishop of Cyprus on November 11, 1916. Opponents of him in those elections were the Bishop of Kition Meletios, the Bishop of Kykkos Kleopas and archimandrite Makarios Myriantheas, later known as Makarios II who became Archbishop of Cyprus years later.

He was more moderate than his opponent Kyrillos II and was accused of being too sympathetic to the British colonial rulers of Cyprus. He was also elected as one of the 6 christian Legislators in the Cypriot Parliament.

Archbishop Kyrillos died on November 16, 1933 of pleurisy. [1]


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