Krishnanattam or Krishnattam is a temple art in Kerala, India. It is a dance drama and presents the story of Krishna in a series of eight plays and was created by Manaveda (1585-1658 A.D), the then Zamorin Raja of Calicut in northern Kerala [1].The eight plays are : Avataram, Kaliyamardanam, Rasakrida, Kamsavadham, Swayamvaram, Banayuddham, Vividavadham and Swargarohanam. It survives in its glory at the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple (Thrissur District, Kerala State, India).


Krishnanattam is based on Krishnagiti (1654 A.D) written by Manaveda, Zamorin of Calicut.It is believed that the Zamorin had a vision of Krishna who gave the chieftain a peacock feather, which became the living symbol of this dance-drama. Krishnanattam players wore a peacock feather and thus commemorated the vision of the chieftain.


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