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Koulourakia, (in Greek pronounced: koo-loo-RAHK-yah), is a traditional Greek dessert, typically made at Easter, to be eaten after Holy Saturday.

A koulouakia is a butter cookie, traditionally hand-shaped, with egg glaze on top. It has a sweet delicate flavor with a hint of vanilla. Koulourakia are well known for their sprinkle of sesame seeds and distinctive ring shape. In fact, the word is the diminutive form for a ring-shaped loaf or lifebelt.

These cookies are also often shaped like small snakes by the Minoans, as they worshiped the snake for its healing powers. Nowadays, the cookies can be shaped into braided circles, hairpin twists, figure eights, twisted wreaths, horseshoes or Greek letters, although they are still often shaped into a snake style.

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