Koom Singh Doad was a Nihang of a Doad Rajput family of village Jalwehra. He was the son of a Hindu, Ghomandi (or Ghamandi). In the wake of the parchar in Doaba area by Akali Phula Singh, Koom Singh converted to Sikhi and was administered amrit by Akali Baba Phula Singh Nihang himself. Koom Singh was the first Sikh and first Nihang of his village Jalwehra. And one of the, if not the first, of his clan, in the Doaba area, to become a Sikh. He was the great grandson of the last king of Garhshankar (tehsil of district Hoshiarpur).

He had two sons, Buta Singh Doad and Bhuk Singh Doad.

He fought in many encounters against the Mughals and Afgans and also participated in the daring midnight raids on the plunderers of Punjab's treasures (gold, silver, jewels and its future—its children and women folk who were being taken to be sold as slaves and a forced converion to another religion.)

He was born in village Jalwehra, Garhshankar tehsil, district Hoshiarpur in Punjab around 1810-1815. His descendants include, both his great-great-great grandsons, Shaheed Bhai Manjit Singh Babbar (Sikh hijacker and Shaheed) and Sukhdev Singh Jalwehra (President of Khalistan Council, Brussels).

Koom Singh Doad was the decendant of Shankar Sahai Doad who ruled the whole Doaba, who in turn was a direct descendant of Deo Chand Doad, who was once the ruler of Orissa.

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