Kom Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery in Montenegro. It is located on the small island of Odrinska gora, close to Žabljak Crnojevića, where the Crnojević River flows into the western section of Lake Skadar. The Kom Monastery was built between 1415 and 1427, during the rule of the Crnojevići. The monastery continued the cult of the Virgin Mary, which was greatly expanded during the rule of the Balšići. The monastery also continues the tradition of building mausoleums. During its existence, the monastery was an endowment of Đurađ and Lješ Crnojević. The oldest frescas in the monastery are from the second half of the 15th century. For a short period of time, the monastery was the center of the Zetan Metropolitanate. In the Kom Monastery in 1831, Petar II Petrović-Njegoš was appointed as the archimandrate of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro.


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