Kizichesky Monastery

Kizichesky Vvedensky Monastery


Kizichesky Vvedensky Monastery before 1917

Kizichesky Vvedensky Monastery is a small male monastery in Kazan (Tatarstan).

The monastery was founded in 1691 by Adrian the Moscow Patriarch who until 1690 were the Kazan Bishop. The name Kazichesky means Holy Martyrs of Cyzicus. The monastery was devotes to them because parts of their relics were brought in the monastery according to blessing of Adrian.

In 1690s there Vvedensky Cathedral (Presentation of Mary Cathedral) and Vladimirskaya Church (Church of Vladimir Icon of Virgin) were built. Vvedensky Cathedral was destroyed in Soviet epoch.

In this monastery Ilya Andreevich Tolstoy the grandfather of Lev Tolstoy was buried.

Coordinates: 55°49′20″N 49°05′22″E / 55.8222222322°N 49.0894444544°E / 55.8222222322; 49.0894444544ru:Кизический Введенский монастырь

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