According to the Book of Mormon, Mosiah II, King Benjamin's son and Mosiah I's grandson, was king of the Nephite nation from about 124 BC to 91 BC. The Book of Mosiah is named after Mosiah II.


Mosiah instituted a new governing system on his deathbed after all of his sons refused to succeed him. After Mosiah's death in approximately 91 BC, a council of elected judges governed the land until Christ appeared (see Mosiah 29).

Preceded by
King Benjamin for his own tribe, and Limhi for his tribe
King of the Nephites
124-91 B.C.
Succeeded by
Alma, son of Alma, as chief judge and military leader
Preceded by
King Benjamin
Nephite record keeper
124-c. 92 B.C.
Succeeded by
Alma, son of Alma

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