King James 2000 or KJ2000 is King James Version or KJV brought forward 400 years.  It was released in 2000.

Attributes of the KJ2000

The preface of KJ2000 home page quotes  

The intent of King James 2000 is to keep every KJV word the same, unless a misunderstanding or a gross word order “error” (in today’s usage) must be averted. All punctuation is left the same, including omission of quotation marks, in order to keep the rhythm and pattern of KJV memorization intact. Even the interpolative KJV words (normally in italics) are kept the same if possible. No “corrections” or “textual considerations” are taken into account, since the King James 2000 intent is to preserve the KJV “as is,” except for truly necessary changes. Pronouns addressing Deity are not set apart by capitalization, but are kept just as found in the KJV, with lower case letters (neither is distinction made in the original languages).

Copyright status

KJ2000 is copyright © 2000, but may be freely copied for non-commercial use only.

External Links

KJ2000 home page (KJ2000 preface and online/electronic KJ2000)

Download KJ2000

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