Kilesa: 'defilements', are mind-defiling, disadvantageous qualities. Vis.M XXII, 49, 65: There are 10 defilements, thus called because they are themselves defiled, and because they defile the mental properties associated with them. They are: 1 greed lobha 2 hate dosa 3 confusion moha 4 conceit māna 5 speculative views ditthi 6 skeptical doubt vicikicchā 7 mental Laziness thīna 8 restlessness uddhacca 9 shamelessness ahirika 10 lack of Fear of Wrongdoing or unconscientiousness anottappa For 1-3, see: mūla 4, s. māna 5, see: ditthi 6-8, s. nīvarana 9 and 10, see: ahirika-anottappa


Maha Thera Nyanatiloka. Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines, Buddhist Publication Society, first edition 1952.

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