KHwaja Roshan was a devotee of Guru Har Gobind. He was a Muslim, turned into Sikh after meeting Guru Ji. He preached Sikhi in Doaba area of Punjab and made preaching centre at Mau, Punjab. His Grave is Still in Mau. He lived during Shah Jahan period who ordered that the person who would turned down islam and convert to some other religion would be punished severly. But Khwaja Roshan without caring of any circumstances became murid of guru and preached sikhi.

Khwaja n guru Ji

He heard of Guru ji and met him, he was impressed with his spirituality and personality. To stay with guru ji, he became Horse Keeper of Guru Sahib and always felt blessed when he watch guru ji.

Once Guru Ji sat on his horse and was leaving to somewhere. Khwaja felt that guru ji is leaving him foreever. In love and fear of seperation, he started following guru ji, after some miles guru ji saw him running behind, he called him and embraced and blessed him that god will always be with him and help him foreever. Then he was ordered to preach sikhi in doaba area of punjab and he followed faithfully.

Khwaja and Sayyed Shah

Sayyed Jani Shah who was one of decendents of Hazrat Muhamad was wandring in search of god and was not able to find it, even accompanied many sufi faqirs and muslim darvesh. Some person refered him to Khwaja Roshan. He met Khwaja Roshan and narrated his story that he was not able to find god. Then Khwaja Roshan told him about Guru Har Gobind Ji that he would get lord after meeting a swordsman/Spiritual person, Miri Piri de malik. Khwaja Roshan put in his mind that if someone beg before guru with love, he will always fulfil his wishes. Jani Shah went and met guru ji and was blessed.

Khwaja Roshan died in Mau, punjab.

Khwaja Roshan was a spiritual personality, Image of Love for guru, Courage and Wonderful preacher of his times who made jani shah sikh too.


  • From History Pages Given by Manager of Gurdwara Damdama Sahib, Sri Hargobindpur. (Lucky 09:18, 13 September 2009 (UTC))

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