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Khorlo (Tib.: འཁོར་ལོ་; 'khor-lo) means: 'wheel', 'round', 'mandala', 'chakra', 'samsara'. Khorlo is the lexical item commonly used to denote 'chakra' (Sanskrit) in Tibetan literature. Khorlo is also used to denote 'mandala' (Sanskrit; Tibetan: dkyil 'khor).

It appears in the names of some tantric deities such as Chakrasamvara ('khor-lo bde-mchog, "wheel of great bliss") and Kalachakra (dus-kyi 'khor-lo, "wheel of time").

With a different connotation, it can also refer to samsara, or worldly, mundane life, full of suffering (as in "to flow together").

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