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Kfar Kama

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Kfar Kama
District North
Government Local council (from 1950)
Hebrew כַּפְר כַּמָא
Arabic كفر كما
Population 2900 (2007)
Area 8854 dunams (8.854 km2; 3.419 sq mi)
Founded in 1876
Coordinates 32°43′19″N 35°26′27″E / 32.72194°N 35.44083°E / 32.72194; 35.44083Coordinates: 32°43′19″N 35°26′27″E / 32.72194°N 35.44083°E / 32.72194; 35.44083

Kfar Kama (Hebrew: כַּפְר כַּמָא‎; Arabic: كفر كما‎; Template:Lang-ady) is a town located in the lower Galilee, Israel, with a population of 2,900,[1] largely Circassian.

There is archaeological evidence that the area was inhabited from the 6th century. The current village was founded in 1876 by Circassians who were exiled from the Caucasus by the Russians to the Ottoman Empire due to the Russian-Circassian War.

A Center for Circassian Heritage is situated in the village.

The school in the village teaches in a mixed environment of classes in Circassian, Hebrew, Arabic and English languages.[2]

Kfar Kama is one of two Circassian villages in Israel. The other one is Rehaniya. The Circassians are Muslims, who unlike the main Israeli Arab Muslim minority, perform military service in the IDF, similar to the Israeli Druze.


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