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Kfar Haruv

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Kfar Haruv
Hebrew כְּפַר חָרוּב
Founded 1974
Founded by Hashomer Hatzair members
Council Golan Regional Council
Region Golan Heights
District North
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Coordinates 32°45′45″N 35°39′49″E / 32.7625°N 35.66361°E / 32.7625; 35.66361Coordinates: 32°45′45″N 35°39′49″E / 32.7625°N 35.66361°E / 32.7625; 35.66361
Population 306 (2006)

Kfar Haruv (Hebrew: כְּפַר חָרוּב‎, lit. Carob Village) is an Israeli settlement, kibbutz, located in the southern Golan Heights. A member of the Kibbutz Movement, it falls under the jurisdiction of Golan Regional Council.


The kibbutz is located on the edge of the cliffs 315 meters (1,033 ft) above sea level (about 525 meters (1,722 ft) above the Sea of Galilee) and 2 kilometers (1 mi) east of the sea.


The settlement was founded in 1973, and took its name from an Arab village that had been located there, Kafr Harib which was apparently named for the village Haruva that existed during the Talmudic era. Its residents settled temporarily in Afik camp, and moved to the present-day location (the site of a Syrian army base that overlooks Ein Gev and HaOn) in 1974. The sixteenth Israeli settlement established in the Golan Heights, its members are native Israelis and immigrants from the United States. As of 2007 the population is 350 residents, of whom 70 live in the new neighborhood built in 2004.


The main employer of the settlement is the A.R.I. factory that it owns, which manufactures hydraulic equipment. The settlement continues to grow plants for agriculture, such as almonds, avocado, nectars, and peaches. It also has a cow stable for milk. There is also a laundromat and curtain-maker. The settlement is a partner in the tourist site Hamat Gader, and it operates Mitzpe LeShalom (the vision for peace), a place for recreation on the edge of the On Cliffs.

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