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Kfar Eldad

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Kfar Eldad
Kfar Eldad
View on the settlement of Kfar Eldad, the settlement Maale Rehav'am in on the left, in the background.
Hebrew כפר אלדד
Founded by Residents of Nokdim
Council Gush Etzion
Region West Bank
Coordinates 31°39′13.75″N 35°15′3.24″E / 31.6538194°N 35.2509°E / 31.6538194; 35.2509Coordinates: 31°39′13.75″N 35°15′3.24″E / 31.6538194°N 35.2509°E / 31.6538194; 35.2509

Kfar Eldad (Hebrew: כפר אלדד‎) is an Israeli settlement and a Communal settlement in the Gush Etzion Regional Council, south of Jerusalem. The settlement is in the vicinity of Herodion and overlooks the Judean Desert. It is named after Israel Eldad, a Lehi member and Israeli philosopher.

The population of the settlement is made up of both native born Israelis and Russian immigrants. Secular and religious people live side by side in the settlement. The settlement was established by families from the nearby Nokdim settlement, and originally served as the site of temporary housing prior to that town's construction.

Coordinates: 31°39′13.75″N 35°15′3.24″E / 31.6538194°N 35.2509°E / 31.6538194; 35.2509

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