Kenneth S. Kantzer (1917-2002), born in Detroit, was a Christian theologian and educator. Kantzer received a master's degree in modern history from Ohio State University, continued his schooling at Faith Theological Seminary, and earned a doctorate in Philosophy and Religion from Harvard University (1950). He was an ordained minister in the Evangelical Free Church of America and professor of biblical and systematic theology and academic dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield) from 1960-1978.

Dr. Kantzer served as president of the Evangelical Theological Society in 1968. From 1977-1982 he was editor of Christianity Today magazine, and from 1982-1984 he was the president of Trinity College (now Trinity International University) in Deerfield, Illinois. Kantzer was also known as a ardent defender of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.

Published Works.


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