Region West Bank
District Judea and Samaria Area
Government Local council
Hebrew קְדוּמִים
Also spelled Qedumim (officially)
Population 3,400 (2007)
Area 2313 dunams (2.313 km2; 0.893 sq mi)
Head of municipality Hananel Durani
Founded in 1975

Kedumim (Hebrew: קְדוּמִים‎), also spelled Qedumim, is an Israeli town located in the Samarian hills of the West Bank that was founded during Hanukkah 1975 and now enjoys the municipal status of local council. Founded in 1975 by members of the Gush Emunim settlement movement, its current population is now about 3,500 people. Daniella Weiss was the mayor of Kedumim.


The residents of Kedumim have placed an emphasis on education and developed several local institutions including: day care centers, kindergartens, two elementary schools, the Bnei Chayil Yeshiva, the Har Efrayim Yeshiva, the Lehava Ulpana High School (1000 girls), as well as a local music academy, and a public library.

Bnei Chayil

Yeshivat Bnei Chayil Shomron (Hebrew: ישיבת בני חיל שומרון‎ is a high school yeshiva established in 1998[1] in order to provide an orthodox Jewish education for boys with ADD and ADHD. It is considered a unique facility in central Israel not limited to local students. Students in grades seven through twelve are divided into classes which are limited to a maximum of fifteen boys. The school in Kedumim was originally a branch of a Jerusalem school of the same name founded by Dr. Stuart Chesner.


While many residents work outside the village, many are employed locally in education as well as several agricultural enterprises working with greenhouses and orchards. The Bar-On Industrial Park on 1200 dunams (1.2 km²) of land is within the municipal boundaries of Kedumim.

Perhaps the most famous local company is Kedumim (3000) Construction Company which mainly deals with building in the West Bank/Judea and Samaria.


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Coordinates: 32°12′55.98″N 35°9′30.03″E / 32.21555°N 35.1583417°E / 32.21555; 35.1583417cs:Kedumim

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