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Kaukab Abu al-Hija

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Kaukab Abu al-Hija
District North
Government Local council (from 1984)
Hebrew כַּוּכַּבּ/כַּוַכַּב/כאוכב אַבּוּ אל-הִיגַ'א
Arabic كوكب أبو الهيجا
Name meaning Abu al-Hija's Star
Also spelled Kaokab Abu Al-Hija (officially)

Kawkab Abu al-Heija (unofficially)

Population 2,800 (2006)
Area 2567 dunams (2.567 km2; 0.991 sq mi)
Head of municipality Nuaf Hajuj
Coordinates 32°49′52.83″N 35°14′55.33″E / 32.8313417°N 35.2487028°E / 32.8313417; 35.2487028Coordinates: 32°49′52.83″N 35°14′55.33″E / 32.8313417°N 35.2487028°E / 32.8313417; 35.2487028

Kaukab Abu al-Hija (Arabic: كوكب أبو الهيجا‎; Hebrew: כַּוּכַּבּ אַבּוּ אל-הִיגַ'א‎), often simply Kaukab, is an Arab Muslim village and local council in the North District of Israel, in the Lower Galilee. It is located on Road 784, between Shefa-'Amr and Karmiel, and next to Kafr Manda. Kaukab was historically under the control of the Abu al-Hija family of the Galilee.[1]

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, Kaukab had a population of 2,800 in 2005,[2] and is ranked low (3/10) on the Israeli socio-economic scale. Its jurisdiction is 2,567 dunams.[3]


Kaukab was founded next to the grave of Husam ad-Din Abu al-Hija, one of Saladin's lieutenants, and is holy to the local Muslims. It is thus named Kaukab Abu al-Hija to differentiate it from several other Arab villages with the same name.[4][5] It is possible to discern the ruins of Byzantine, Roman and Greek settlements on Kaukab's location, and it is also thought to be the location of the town Kokhva, mentioned in the Talmud.[5]

In the British Mandate census of 1931, Kaukab had a population of 285 and according to a land and population survey by Sami Hadawi, its population was 490 in 1945.[6] In 1973, this grew to 1,340. Kaukab was declared a local council in 1984.[1]


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