Welcome to Kastrita community of wiki. this allows Kastritans to talk about there faith.

My religion has many stories to it. But the creator of Kastrita lived in Shoala which is Heaven on earth but now is deserted. At the time people in Shoala had all differant kinds of religions. So one of the 5 Nases heros of Shoala decided to create a religion for the whole country. His name was Layi. In the temple of Jazeru Layi's home was very special you could see spirits. So one day Layi asked the mighty Crene which is God if he should create his own faith. It is your own choice you are a Nas Crene said. Layi spent a long time researching on all the other religions. Finaly Layi made his first speach. He already had 16 followers but many people questioned his belifes. After 19 speaches almost all of shoala were Kasritans. People started to move out of shoala to pass on the new religion people started to move to Greece, China, Egypt, Palastine, India, Rome, Cannon and Arabia.

Holidays Lisha(7-19) the day Kastrita became a religion Zuja(12-26-28) The day Zarune, Sonia and the 5 untouchable ones arrived in Shoala Goodman day(6-27) reunion of Woolins family and Christmas (12-25) and Easter (4-12). Naru day to put forth your best effort and dedicate it to Crene (3-31). Past day to get a day to talk to an angel (11-31). Masa day the day Crene and the 3 good genease created the world (5-11)

worship If you were born in the night you worship Crene changing the color of the sky. If you do morning worship Crene waking up in the morning. There is also meditating

The comandets Thy shall not disobey other generations Thy shall not blame others Thy shall not say I hate my life Thy shall take responsability for my actions Thy shall respect own generation Thy shall respect Crene in every way.

Write and wrong If you do something wrong a angel relative will call down from Heaven and remind you about it and in the next week you have to make it up. If you do something write another angel reletive will ingourage you. All your sins will go to Hell and all your good deeds will go to Heaven.

Holy book There is one and only holy book of Kastrita and it was Crene's holy story called the Chie. It reveals all of the most important legends to a Kastritan.

Hetzo, Hemi and Hari When you are a Hemi Kastritan you could make your first words to Crene 1-8. when you are a Hetzo Kastritan an angel will give you a tour of Heaven 9-14. When you are a Hari Kastritan you are free to be a young adult and you start to take on your own responsabilities.

Kastrita today Now Kastrita has only a few followers holy Shoala is deaserted in the carribean and the first person to discover it now is a untouchable one. But legend is Layi's spirit will spread Kastrita again.

Holy language The holy language of Kastrita is the second language that was ever spoken. It is called Estay. Mostly Estay is one of the first language Kastritans know how to speak.

Special diets Kastritans are not aloud to eat almonds because one of the Nases were alergic. So to honor him almonds are not tolerated.

Followers Chris Jandon Denise Foot Isaiah Goodman Carmello Bolta Lanai Fishly Kevin Sander Peter Rage Kelly Ronda Keisha Missa Shamar Honda Alex Piler Shay Goodman Zoey Najohn Isaiah Rona Jason Beesa Austin Norla Jada Ranner Ronald Hosta Bryan Steece Matthew Cheer Tiana Backster Steaven Moner Clinton Folk Robert Teeder Creg Nosawall Keeshawn Urdana Derick Onawon Bryan Deazer Lezly Baret Tiffeny Ross Justin McDeeker Leah Farrelly

What does Kastrita mean

In Estay/English. Kona/As Ann/A Sada/Baliver Tose/We Reen/Will Ine/Live Tan/In Ace/Peace

Other prophets Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Mohammad, The Buhdda, The ten Garus, Ibrahim, Ismail, Cry'Shawn, Zarune, the 5 Nases, Jain, Esio, Kong Fuzi, Zion and Baha`ulla.

The future Kastritans belive the Recarnation of Layi will spread Kastrita again and as predicted his name will be Isaiah AKA the Chamelion Heart.

Clothing Men- A black dewrag but not tied hanging below the shoulders and white rist and feet bans. Women- A black robe and a black and white head rap.

Self defense Kastrita has it's very own fighting style incase of emergencies you are only allowed to lay your hands on someone if they lay there hands on you.

Death when a person dies they have the choice to choose if if they want to get creamated or burried. On the persons birth day the family will get together and realease a bunch of balloons into the sky. A week after the person dies the family has a big party to remember the life of the person.

If you want more information or want to be a member of this faith email me at

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