Karaimsim is the traditional religion of the Turanian Karaims (Karaylar), a Kipchak language speaking group of Guz genetic affinity claiming to have perpetuated the original Turanian Aramaic Church of Tugrul the blood brother (anda) of Yesugei Baghatur (Timujin's father). Tugrul was the spiritual head (Gahan) of the Karaite Church in Mediaeval times whose negotiations with the Vatican led to the relocation of 100 Karaim families to Carpathian Galicia in the 1240s AD where their relatives had once settled in the times of the Hungarian conquest.

Karaims claim that Karaimism was the original religion of the Khazars as it was before the Jidi tribe of Khazars converted to Hassidic Judaism.

The Karaite Church came into existence when it split with the ever-increasing Nestorian stance of Seleucia-Ctesiphon following the entrenchment of Nestorianism within the Church of the East some time after the Synod of Beth Edrai in 485 AD. The event which drove the final wedge between Karaimism and Nestorianism was when Babai initiated the purge of Monastic families from the Nestorian Church at the beginning of the 7th century AD. As a result, Karaimsim is the only Church in the world to recognise Abu Kazim ibn Abdullah (Muhammad) as a saint.

Karaimism is most often confused with Karaite Judaism which sometimes claims to have begun as an alternative "Karaism" stemming from the refutation of one of Imam Abu Hanifa Numan ibn Thabit's students who known as Anan ben David. Thus Karaite Judaism rejects Anan's belief in the Gospels and the Qur'an unlike traditional Karaimism which still hold these as sacred texts.

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