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Kalinik II Greek (Serbian: Калиник II, Latin: Callinicus II) was the Archbishop of Serbia and the last Patriarch of Peć (1765-1766) before the Ottoman Empire abolishes the Patriarchate of Peć for the fifth and last time after he resigned his title of Patriarch of Pec and sent a petition to the Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople asking for the abolishment of the Patriarchate, accumulated debts were quoted as a main reason for this motion, signed by him and 5 other bishops. In September 11th 1766, The Patriarch of Constantinople convinced the Sultan to abolish the Patriarchate of Pec and place its dioceses under the jurisdiction of Constantinople. However a metropolitan bishop remained in Belgrade during the abolishment.


Preceded by
Vasilije Brkic
Patriarch of Serbia
Succeeded by
Patriarch Dimitrije

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