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Kafr Qara

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Kafr Qara
Kafr Qara
District Haifa
Government Local council
Hebrew כַּפְר קַרִע
Arabic كفر قرع
Also spelled Kefar Qara (officially)

Kfar Qari (unofficially)

Population 14,800 (2006)
Area 7000 dunams (7.0 km2; 2.7 sq mi)
Coordinates 32°30′20.89″N 35°3′13.76″E / 32.5058028°N 35.0538222°E / 32.5058028; 35.0538222Coordinates: 32°30′20.89″N 35°3′13.76″E / 32.5058028°N 35.0538222°E / 32.5058028; 35.0538222

Kafr Qara or Kafr Qari (Arabic: كفر قرع‎, Hebrew: כַּפְר קַרִע‎) is an Israeli-Arab town 22 miles (35 km) southeast of Haifa, Israel. In 2006, the population was 14,800. [1]

Kafr Qara, governed by a local council, is part of the Triangle. It is located in the Wadi Ara region, northwest of the Green Line. Most of the inhabitants are Muslim.[2] A small percentage of the town's land was expropriated by the local authorities and Israeli government for public and military use.[3]Kafr Qara is one of the wealthier towns in the Triangle.[4]


In September 2003, a group of local parents founded a bilingual, multicultural elementary school in Kafr Qara, named Hand in Hand – Bridge over the Wadi, or "Bridge over the Wadi".[5]Kafr Qara high school, established in 1970 as a vocational school, is now a comprehensive high school for 10th-12th graders from Kafr Qara and environs. The school has participated in multicultural projects such as Jitli, and offers a joint leadership program for Arab and Jewish teenagers.[6]

It is worthy to mention also that Kfar Qara was founded some 350 years ago. The word Qara in Arabic means pumpkin, which was the main crop for the community, hence the name Kfar Qara which means the village of the Pumpkin.

Notable residents


Coordinates: 32°30′20.89″N 35°3′13.76″E / 32.5058028°N 35.0538222°E / 32.5058028; 35.0538222ar:كفر قرع cs:Kafr Kara

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