Kafr Bara
District Center
Government Local council
Hebrew כַּפְר בַּרָא
Arabic كفر برا
Also spelled Kafar Bara (officially)

Kfar Bara (unofficially)

Population 2,600 (2005)
Area 9387 dunams (9.387 km2; 3.624 sq mi)

Kafr Bara or Kfar Bara (Arabic: كفر برا‎; Hebrew: כַּפְר בַּרָא‎) is an Israeli-Arab local council in Israel's Center District. The small town, located near the Green Line, is often considered a part of the Little Triangle along with Kafr Qasim and Jaljulia.

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Coordinates: 32°7′49.62″N 34°58′18.55″E / 32.13045°N 34.9718194°E / 32.13045; 34.9718194

ar:كفر برا

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