Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Syrian Church

Founder St. Thomas the Apostle
Independence Apostolic Era
Recognition Oriental Orthodox
Primate His Holiness Mar Baselios Mar Thoma Didymos I
Headquarters Kottayam, Kerala
Territory India
Website Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

Coordinates: 9°58′39″N 76°29′53″E / 9.977542°N 76.498189°E / 9.977542; 76.498189


Kadamattom Church is one of the most famous churches in India. The church is situated near to Kolenchery near Cochin, India.

The church is believed to have established in the 9th Century AD. This church is part of the Malankara Orthodox Church of India.

Kadamattom church is situated on the Ernakulam – Muvattupuzha route, 10 km from latter, along the MC road in a calm and serene environment. While traveling from Muvattupuzha, the church can be seen on the right hand side, slightly on a higher elevation than the road. There is no concrete evidence of the exact date of the establishment of the church. Believed to be built between the 4th and 9th century.when the World christiandom acknowledged Cross as it Religious symbol in the 4th century,it was erected at kadamattam also clearly indicating that Kadamattam christian community is a branch of the paklomattam nambuthiri community of Playur near guruvayur where Christ was acknowledged as puthra(son of God) in the first century itself from st.thomas.when MarAbo brought syrian litergy to kerala shores in the 9th century,kadamattam church was build with orthodox canon,syrian litergy and Rites.paulose, the first christian name given to a keralite was given to the nambuthiri boy kadamattathu achan by Mar Abo

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Once you enter the church, at the left there’s a photo of Asyrian monk Mar Abo whose real name is Mar Sapor Iso . He is the legendary Kadamattathu Kathanar’s mentor. It is believed that Mar Abo, a Persian Monk established the church with the help of Kartha, the then local ruler of Kadamattom. Mar Abo was not only a theologian but also a conjurer. He stayed at Kadamattom in a hut with a poor Nambuthiri widow belonging to the Paklomatam Nambuthiri family of palyur near Guruvayur and her only son who he named as Paulose.The young Nambuthiri boy assisted Mar Abo for years and later he was ordained a priest in the name paulose giving a lead to the paklomatam family in the orthodox clergy. A Persian cross can be seen on the right wall of the Madhbaha or Holy of Holies, having four equal arms with ancient writings inscribed. The wings of the cross also end with floral designs. The tombstone of Kadamattathu achan lies on the left side just outside the Madhbaha. Another unique thing about the church is the door lock (wood mechanism). The pathala kinar (well) lies near the Poyyedom church. It is believed that Kathanar went to pathalam from here. The Kathanar’s devotees are mostly are non-Christians. Kadamattom feast is one of the major festivals observed held during the January – February period. It marks the death anniversary of the legendary priest. There are many a legends of Kadamattathu achan. It is believed that he possessed supernatural powers.Kadamattathu achan founded more than hundered very famous devi temples in his life time.\ The fact remains that the largest proportion of texts recovered are from Assyria, especially from the shattered remains of Assurbanipal's library at Nineveh, but also from the old Assyrian capital at Assur, principally excavated by German expeditions in the twentieth century. In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that the written medical traditions continued in Babylonia after the fall of Assyria as is evidenced particularly by finds in the far southern city of Uruk and in tablets from the Babylon-Sippar area now in the British Museum (many unpublished).

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