The June 2007 UK terror attacks were a series of attempted terrorist attacks against the citizens of the United Kingdom by extremist Islamic terrorists in late June of 2007.

The first incident occurred early in the morning of June 29, 2007. An unexploded car bomb was found near the Tiger Tiger nightclub in the Haymarket street of London. Several hours later, a second bomb was found in a blue Mercedes-Benz. On June 30, 2007, a flaming Jeep Cherokee was driven into the main departure terminal of Glasgow International Airport. Two Islamic terrorists were arrested at the scene. One, who had been on fire, was taken to a nearby hospital and the other to a police station. According to witnesses, the injured terrorist was heard screaming "Allah, Allah" over and over while he fought those who were trying to help him as he was on fire.

In response the Glasgow Airport incident, the British government elevated the UK national threat level from "Severe", which means "an attack is highly likely" to "Critical", meaning "an attack is expected imminently". Several days later, the threat level was lowered back to "Severe."

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